7 Degrading Sexist Phrases That Everyone Should Stop Saying ...


We're all guilty of using sexist phrases, but just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s okay. When you use these sexist phrases that everyone should stop saying, you subtly promote inequality and double standards for women. When you really put thought into the things you say, you’ll realize how harmful they truly can be.

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“like a Girl”

The phrase “like a girl” is hurtful to children in more ways than one. For little boys, it teaches them that girls are weak and less important than they are, which makes them more sexist. It also teaches girls that by being born a girl, they are already doing something wrong, and no matter how hard they try, their sex will always be the weaker sex. This sexist phrase is one you should stop saying regardless of who you are, but especially if you have a son.


“Asking for It”

Victim blaming needs to stop in order for rapists to be held accountable for their actions. While it takes more than just words to make a difference, taking out phrases like “She was asking for it” from your vocabulary will help you be more empathetic toward victims. Because the whole idea behind rape is that it’s sex without someone “asking for it”, and the only person at fault is the rapist, whether it’s a man or a woman.


“Man up”

Like many sexist phrases, “man up” is a double-edged sword. This phrase associates strength with masculinity, which, while it is partially true, is ultimately harmful to both boys and girls. If girls think that only men have to be strong, they will be less likely to learn how to defend themselves and take care of themselves. On the other hand, boys will grow up thinking they have to hold in their emotions and always appear strong even when they’re broken inside, which is very harmful to their mental health.



“Slut” is probably my least favorite word on this list, because it’s the epitome of a double standard. By calling sexually active women “sluts”, you’re basically saying that she is less entitled than a man to exercise sexual freedom, because you would never call a man a slut. This word comes from the archaic belief that a woman’s worth is found only in her virginity, and it’s time to retire that belief.



The word “prude” proves that a woman just can’t win, because if she has sex she’s a slut, if she doesn’t then she’s a prude. If you support a woman’s right to control her own body, you should expel “slut” and “prude” from your vocabulary and not judge a woman’s character by the number of men she’s slept with.


“Grow a Pair”

This one is similar to “man up”, but to me it’s even more ironic. If anything, we should say “Grow a vagina” which bleeds every month and pushes people into the world; that’s a symbol of strength! But ultimately, we need to adapt our language to reflect the idea that emotional stability and internal strength are independent of gender.


“Wearing the Pants”

If you ask a man “Who’s wearing the pants in your marriage?” you immediately emasculate him. Why? Because men are traditionally supposed to be the supporters and providers in a relationship, and, if the woman provides, she is taking something away from him. But like “sluts” and “prudes”, who “wears the pants” is none of anyone’s business except the people involved. If anything, when a woman provides for her family, you should support her, not criticize her relationship.

Feminism has taken women a long way since the start of the 20th century, but there’s still a long way to go. We can’t all be CEO’s, presidents, or members of Parliament, but we all can change the way we speak. Let's all work to slowly make our world less sexist by eradicating these harmful phrases from your vocabulary. What other phrases do you think we should get rid of for good?

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@Cici my question for you ... Why would you care what another woman does with her vagina? It's not like she is borrowing yours and putting miles on it. That is what is wrong with this world, people think they can dictate how others love their life. I'm not saying it's right , I'm bit saying it's wrong. It's just none of my business how other people live the life they are given. Judge all you want, while people keeping going and continue to live their life's. What a waste of time.

@b well said

#6, I agree that we should say "grow a vagina"

Freedom of speech and everyone has a right to their opinion.. And if I'm talking with my husband or friend than we be like shes a slut ..what a whore ..if people are putting it out there and not keeping it private then we will judge among ourselves :D lol

Overall, we need to stop being judgmental.

@Olivia I really wouldn't put that much time and effort in what other people do. Really I don't have the time or interest in what others do in bed. Lol I seriously would feel stupid even putting 10 seconds of thought into it and I am a married woman with kids. I'm sorry , other people's lives just don't interest me that much where I would stress it.

Raqcity i agree... Yeah dont over use it but some people take the cake and do earn that title.. When over and over they make these mistakes and keep it no secret and keep putting themselves in other danger....

@Cheryl lol oh my, sounds like an exciting life.. sitting around talking about other people & calling them names. Idk if I'll be able to top that fun! Off to spend the weekend with my family, I'm done with this topic and you all have a great weekend.

we all have our own individual lives. what you do with the life your given is completely up to you. you will make decisions and only you can judge your decision whether it was the right one or not. but we all make mistakes and we all have regrets but they will only make you stronger. everyone has their own opinions and perspectives in life. no one is perfect. and if we are talking about judging we should not judge anyone until you have walked in their shoes. people do things only they understand the reasons for doing so. live your life. and judge your own life. let everyone else do the same for themselves. there is no point in arguing over this topic because everyone has their own opinion and it's okay to not agree!

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