9 Ways to Break the Ice at a Party ...


Do you ever feel like the odd woman out at gatherings and want to figure out how to break the ice at a party so that the next time you’re out you can mix and mingle with ease? I know firsthand what it feels like when you get invited out someplace and you know only one other person there who happens to be the host or is occupied with other things and can’t hang out with you! Here are 9 painless ways that we can approach others and break the ice without appearing awkward or dare I say it-desperate!

1. Smile

What’s the one accessory you always need to have before you leave your house and especially if you’re looking for ways to break the ice-a smile! Who wants to approach or be approached by someone who looks like they’re standoffish?! Even if you feel uncomfortable smiling at strangers who might not smile back or might even give a haughty look, who cares?! Anyone who gives the hairy eyeball to someone who offers them a smile isn’t worth getting to know you anyway so that’s your cue to keep it moving!

Bring Something
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