7 Ways to Add a Blast of Blue to Any Room ...

It’s the color of serenity and calmness, so it’s no wonder that there are hundreds of ways to add blue to any room. Who wouldn’t want a touch of calm in their home?! Blue is an almost universally loved color, and it’s a shade that will never date, too. If you're looking for ways to add blue to any room, here’s some of my favorite ways to give any room a sleek new (blue!) make-over.

1. Country Kitchens…

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I love this modern take on a new country kitchen – it’s one of the most unique ways to add blue to any room, and it’ll fit into almost any home. Keep the country look by painting exposed wood with a light blue, such as this gorgeous duck egg blue shade, and use cream furniture and accents to really lift the color scheme. It’s functional yet stylish, and don’t you just want to bake vintage cakes in there?!

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