9 Tips to Overcome Envy ...


Envy is a scary emotion to feel. When you fail to be conscious of it, envy can make you miserable, sad, and bitter. Life becomes a competition and you view everyone as your rival. Envy makes you feel unhappy or just generally discontented with yourself and life. If there is one emotion that we should learn to overcome, it should be envy. Here are some tips to overcome envy.

1. Compete with Yourself

Everyone has different abilities and strengths. By that alone, you should know that it is useless to try and compete against others. You should only try to compete with yourself. You should focus on how you can improve yourself based on your past performances than always comparing yourself against how others perform. You can’t win that way. If you make your own plans and own your achievements, then you will slowly forget about how other fare against you.

Be Grateful
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