7 People to Ask for Advice ...


7 People to Ask for Advice ...
7 People to Ask for Advice ...

There are many times in our lives when we find ourselves in need of advice. Of course, in many situations nobody can give us a definitive answer, but it is still useful to ask for advice so that we have more options to consider. Who should we ask, though? Well, it depends on the issue or problem, but here are some examples of people who can help.

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When it is a medical matter, your doctor is almost certainly the best person to consult (pharmacists are also an excellent source of help with minor problems). He or she can advise and often allay your concerns. Don’t forget that your doctor is also there to help with emotional problems, not just physical issues.



With both emotional and medical issues, someone who has been through the same experience can often prove to be a great source of advice on how to cope. Doctors are vital, of course, but they look at the physical side, whereas someone who has direct experience can add another perspective. This can be extremely helpful in coping with illnesses.


Spiritual Advisor

If you have a faith, then your priest or other spiritual advisor is there to help and advise when you have concerns or problems. Even if you are not a member of any faith, churches and other religious groups can be a great source of advice and help (think of how many help people in need). It may even help just to share your troubles and talk with someone.



Mothers, bless them, do think they know everything. There may be some issues you would never want to discuss with yours (I know I’d never ask mine for advice on my love life!) but they can help out with maternal wisdom on many subjects, from child-rearing to practical problems around the house.



If you need advice on finding a good local tradesman, where the best shops are in a new neighbourhood, or you’re thinking of moving and want to know what the area is like, ask the neighbours. Most people are delighted to be asked for their opinion, and will be only too happy to share them with you.



There are times when the best people to consult for advice are the professionals. Doing so can save you a great deal of time and stress. Any decision that involves financial issues, whether it’s investments or building work, should never be taken without talking to reliable professionals, or it could cost you dearly in the long term.


Someone Not Involved

What if you have an emotional problem? Often it can be much better to talk to someone who is not involved in any way, as they can look at the issue with a clearer head and with a lack of bias. For example, if you have a relationship problem, your friends may automatically side with you as they are your friends, whereas someone who doesn’t know your partner may point out that you have no reason to be concerned.

Ultimately we are responsible for making our decisions, but it is always valuable to obtain as many opinions as possible. This way you are best equipped to decide on what to do. So, who would you ask for advice, and have you ever wished you’d never listened to someone’s advice, however well-meant?

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