10 Things We All Deserve to Say at Least Once in Our Lives ...


10 Things We All Deserve to Say at Least Once in Our Lives ...
10 Things We All Deserve to Say at Least Once in Our Lives ...

Whatever your situation, whatever it is that you want out of life, I think there are a number of sentences that we should all say at least once in our lives. Maybe you already have some of them checked off or maybe, out of this list of things we should say... you now have your work cut out for you... here are 10 things we all deserve to say at least once in our lives.

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Teenage Dream

You can say that you are in love with your dog or your new pair of Louboutins, but out of the things we should say at least once, ‘‘I’m in love’’ has got to be one. I am talking about love, love though. You know, the kind of love that leaves you wondering what you did before you met that person, doodling their name on paper and almost wetting yourself every time the phone rings.


Hot and Bothered

Something every woman should say at least once, is ‘‘That was. The. Best. Sex. Ever.’’ That’s right girls, unless God is the only man that you will share your bed with, it is your entitlement as a woman to have your mind blown sexually. At least once in our lives we should emerge from the bedroom (field, office or boat) not knowing which way is up or down or left or right as our worlds have been seriously rocked.


Why Hello There

You may not say this sentence word for word (it may sound quite odd out of context) but out of the things we should say, ‘‘If I met myself in a bar, I would ask myself out’’ is one of them. At least once in our lives we deserve to feel at our best, at the top of our game and one hell of a catch. Whether you've been hitting the gym and feeling smoking hot, or just received that promotion, every woman deserves to bounce off the walls in excitement just by the thought of being herself.


Ms. Moneybags

For every price tag you have checked, item you begrudgingly placed back on its rack or shop window you have longingly peered into, every woman should say ‘‘I don’t care how much it is, I am getting it’’ at least once in her life. It is the principle not the price, knowing that for once, your actions were not derailed or dictated by the figure on your bank statement. Amen!


Sisterhood of Travelling Pants

Who would we be without the women in our lives? Of all the things we should say, this may be one of the biggest blessings ever. Every woman should be able to say ‘‘I think I have the best girlfriends in the world’’ at some point in their lives. Having amazing friends is a wonderful feeling that we all deserve and the best thing is that to have amazing friends, all you need to do is be one.


Hot Stuff

‘‘Damn, I am one sexy woman!’’ Okay, same with the point about dating yourself, this idea of things we should say may also sound a little odd out of context (or if sung from the top of our lungs in a crowded elevator). But if thought whilst you catch a glimpse of your naked body jumping in the shower, or said out loud as you give yourself the glad eye in the changing room – then you are on the right track. We have one body ladies; we may as well make the most of it. It is not about being skinny and looking like those women who seem to workout 12 hours a day and think cellulite is a type of orange. It is about making the most of what you have got and feeling proud of it.


You Go Girl

Put simply, we all deserve an Erin Brockovich moment. On your list of things to say at least once is ‘‘I am not taking no for answer.’’ Standing up for something when we know we deserve it, or we know in our heart of hearts it is right, builds character and ignites fires. So, what are you going to stand up for?


Push It

If we never push our limits, try new things or take on new challenges, how will we ever know what we are truly capable of? Of the things you should say, this perhaps could be the most life changing. Every woman should say at least once, ‘‘I am so far out of my comfort zone, this is insane!’’ Ditch the routine and dive into something new – you never know where it will take you.


Crack up

‘‘Stop. I can’t laugh any more, I am seriously going to wet my pants!’’ It sounds extreme, but this is most definitely a sentence that should fall from your mouth mid laughing fit. We all deserve to laugh so hard that our cheeks feel like they are going to split as we cross our legs furiously, feeling like we are going to burst. Life gets far too serious far too quickly - see the funnier side and laugh about it.


Adiós Amigo

Get on a bus, boat, train or plane – whatever you do, just go. Last on the list of things we should say is ‘‘See Ya!’’ Travel, see the world and say to goodbye to all that was if only for a little while, to explore all that there is. How do you know that you are where you want to be if you don’t know what else is out there?

This list of things we should all say at least once in our lives is about reminding ourselves that we alone hold the keys to our own happiness. We can choose to live everyday waiting for our moment or we can create the moments we desire every day. How did you go with the list? Are you half finished already or have you got some work to do? Do you feel like sharing one of your moments with us?

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