7 Things I Bought Today ...


7 Things I Bought Today ...
7 Things I Bought Today ...

It’s not very often I physically visit the high street these days as I do 99% of my shopping online, but there were some things I bought today. I was getting a bit stir crazy from spending hours writing at my laptop and there was actually a break in the horrid winter weather so I went for a mooch around the shops. Here are some of the things I bought today – it was a surprisingly fruitful trip done in the sunshine.

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The Musical – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

If I am in town, I like to have a quick look in the charity (thrift) shops. You never know what bargain or unusual object you might find. They are often the best places to buy books and DVDs and one thing I bought today was a nice clean copy of this Buffy DVD. I love Buffy – she kicks ass! I’ve never seen the musical so I’m saving it for the weekend when I can enjoy it uninterrupted.


Ankle Highs

One of my pet fashion dislikes is white feet in dark shoes sticking out of trousers. Don’t know why, it just annoys me. I don’t care about it in the summer. I always think panty hose under trousers is really annoying and knee highs (we call them pop socks in the UK) are really ugly. I always wear ankle-highs. These are ankle length socks but made exactly the same as a pair of panty hose so it looks like that’s what you have on. I needed to stock up so I bought 4 packs of black, 1 pack of barely black and 1 pack of neutrals from Marks and Spencer.


Posture Cushion

My mum had a hip replacement and doesn’t always find it easy to get comfortable and I spend way too many hours spent hunched over my computer. Passing a general bargain shop today, I saw some weird shaped cushions in the window and went in for a look. I ended up buying 2 posture cushions which are quite solid but also mould themselves to your body. I love mine; mum is still making up her mind, although she definitely is in a better sitting position when she uses it.


BBC Good Food Magazine

My mum loves food magazines and cook books. I bought her a subscription to Delicious Magazine but whenever I’m out I have a look at what else is on the shelves, which brings me to another thing I bought today. This edition was called the healthy issue and features recipes from Jamie Oliver (who personally, I find extremely annoying and don’t get what all the fuss is about).


Costa Coffee Gingerbread Latte

I was halfway through my shopping trip so it was time for my coffee fix. It’s a good job I live far from the town’s coffee houses. I adore gingerbread latte. I can drink it until it comes out of my ears. Whilst I was waiting for my coffee (actually I was choosing a biscotti!) I overheard the baristas saying that a Starbucks was opening on one of our retail parks. Oh poo! It’s right near my home and on the road I have to take to get practically everywhere I go and it’s a drive through. If you notice a change in my posts in a couple of month’s time it’s because I’m overdosing on Starbucks’ lattes.


The World According to Garp

I always browse the charity (thrift) shops not only because you never know what little gem of a bargain you might happen on, but they are the best places for cheap books and DVDs. I wasn’t really looking for books today as I have a pile yet unread but I spotted a copy of this John Irving title and bought it to replace my existing copy. The front cover has come away from my original copy. John Irving is one of my absolute favourite authors. When they made the film with Robin Williams in the starring role, I was in 7th heaven because he’s one of my favourite actors. I'm very glad this was one thing I bought today!



Lush is my favourite shop for cosmetics. It smells heavenly. All of their products are handmade and the ingredients include masses of fruit and natural items. Today I bought Honey Waffle Soap, Sacred Truth face mask and Turkish Delight shower smoothie. People from the US can find the website here: lushusa.com.

Some other things I bought today include deodorant, Aveda shampoo, a Bourjois lipstick from the bargain bin and a new memory stick. All in all, it was a very good haul! I wonder what you bought today?

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Hi Corset I can assure you it is very true. And if you look through what I bought and where I bought them from you should see I got some great bargains meaning I didn't spend much money. In total I spent about £45 which is equivalent to $72. Considering what I got for my $72 I think I actually did rather well and it's a good demonstration of how, if you shop wisely you can still find some great bargains. Also as I rarely go shopping, my trips are full and I spend the whole day out. So one of my "average" shopping trips may not be the same as someone's who only goes out for a couple of hours but regularly. Plus, what I purchased on this day isn't wasteful - except maybe the coffee, which is an indulgence, I admit. I'm sorry if you think I am advocating being profligate in these financially troubled times but I assure you that as a former accountant I truly understand the value of money and using your budget wisely.

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