8 Wind Powered Sports ...


8 Wind Powered Sports ...
8 Wind Powered Sports ...

We are always told that a happy fulfilled life includes good leisure time so all of us really should have a hobby or an interest that we enjoy. Sports are not only great fun but are also a terrific way to keep fit. It’s great to have a good work out at the gym but that becomes repetitive and dare I say boring so why not try something new. Here are 8 wind powered sports for your consideration.

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You don’t have to live next to the beach to enjoy this wind powered sport although there’s nothing quite like the ocean. Large inland lakes are acceptable substitutes. Windsurfing takes balance but once you’ve mastered the art, zipping along on the waves with the sail billowing is a thrilling experience and surprisingly speedy.



Most of us probably have a memory of trying this as a kid and no doubt all of us have a recollection of a crayon drawing of the split diamond kite with a string full of bows but as a sport, it’s a different kettle of fish. Kites are high tech and there are international competitions.


In the modern world of kite flying, materials have evolved. The simple paper and wood designs of childhood are often replaced with durable nylon and composite frames. This evolution has transformed kite flying into serious competition with disciplines like stunt kiting and kite surfing. Women and men alike harness the power of the wind to display mesmerizing feats, from synchronized kite dances to soaring gracefully over waves. Kite festivals around the globe now celebrate this elegant sport, combining vibrant colors and innovative design, proving that when it comes to wind-powered thrills, the sky's the limit.



One of the oldest forms of transport and one of the most traditional of wind powered sports, sailing is a magnificent way of getting out on the water. Battling the waves and harnessing the power of the wind takes some skill but once learnt, highly enjoyable.



This is one of the wind powered sports where you aren’t in control of the equipment yourself and it’s pretty tame as sports go but it’s an enjoyable experience to be hoisted up in the air at the beach because you’re high above the waves and you can get terrific views of your holiday place.


Paragliding offers an exhilarating blend of serenity and adventure. As the breeze lifts you, there's a moment of pure magic—a sensation of floating that's both peaceful and thrilling. You glide with birds, feel the freedom of the sky, and are rewarded with a stunning panorama that stretches out below you. Plus, with modern safety features and experienced instructors, even beginners can delight in this gentle yet captivating wind sport. Whether you're seeking a serene escape or a new perspective, paragliding is a must-try on your wind sports list.



If you have a fear of heights there are some wind powered sports you will definitely want to steer clear of although I would imagine that for many people launching themselves off a cliff or hillside is hardly an enthralling prospect. Hang-gliding is definitely not for the faint-hearted but it's the closest we get to emulating avian flight.


Hot Air Ballooning

Taking a hot air balloon trip is on my bucket list. Manoeuvring a balloon with a combination of wind and hot air has always fascinated me and countless others. I imagine this is a sport that takes a lot of patience waiting for the balloon to fill with hot air.



If you have a hankering to take to the skies you can always try gliding. This is the wind powered sport where you pilot a plane that has no engine. You are launched on a line to a light aircraft and when you’ve reached the right height to glide on the thermals the tether is released. You float about until the thermals move off or dissipate and you guide the plane into land.


Kite Surfing

Combining two of the traditional wind powered sports kite surfing involves being dragged on along on the water pulled by kite power. It requires the same wind and wave conditions as wind surfing. Imagine a snowboard with a kite attached and you’ve got it.

Winds can be put to far better use than creating havoc by forming nasty twisters and hurricanes. We might not be able control it but with these wind powered sports we can at least have some fun with it. Have I mentioned any that you think you might like to try?

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