8 Wacky Things You Can Rent These Days ...


8 Wacky Things You Can Rent These Days ...
8 Wacky Things You Can Rent These Days ...

Things You Can Rent today go from normal everyday stuff like cars, houses and movies to whacky even plain bizarre such are: animals, people or coffins! Yup, you wouldn’t believe what people are renting these days, the things you can rent if you had a lot of cash, two brain cells bumping into each other every time you sneeze and absolutely no clue how to make the most out of each! LOL! But, seriously now – I know you’ve probably rented a car or an apartment at least once in your life but did you ever wish to find out more about other things you can rent? Well, now you’re about to!

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In case you have a big grass-covered area that needs to look neat and you don’t really want to break a sweat, you can always rent a herd of goats to do the job for you! Now, don’t frown because this is actually a win-win situation! Your lawn looks like you’ve spent hours mowing it, the goats are full and ready to return home and our planet is happy because you didn’t even have to use your lawnmower!



If you ever wanted to go out for a drink, dinner or attend a gallery opening but had nobody to do it with, you would be interested to know that you can now rent a friend that’s willing to go with you wherever you please. And by “friend” I mean a complete stranger who’s only hanging out with you because of your money, of course! I personally think this is a waste of cash but if you really want a money-hungry stranger at your side, feel free to continue reading this post because I’m about to list more whacked things you can rent these days in order to magically attract gold-diggers.



Is your financial situation far from dreamy? Do you want your family to see that, when it came to picking a “last bed” for your elderly family members, you were no Scrooge? No problem! Just rent a fancy casket for your friends and family to see and nobody has to know the one you’ve chosen to bury your beloved in is not as half as nice as the one they are admiring right now. Now, am I being irrational here of this is just bizarre? In fact, if I had to rate the most bizarre things you can rent today on a scale 1-10 I would have to give this one a 100!



Why waste three grand on a Chanel that’s going to spend the most of its time resting in a dust bag when you can rent one for 3 hundred bucks and wear it the whole month! You don’t have to baby it, you don’t have to pass it on to your grandchildren (who will probably sell it on eBay, just because it screams “free money”) and you don’t have to be stuck with the same bag for the rest of your life. Enjoy it for a week, a month or even a whole season, return it, rent a new one and do it all over again. If you get emotionally attached to your rented bag, just log into your account, click “Buy” and you’ll get to keep it forever! Pretty awesome! I don’t think bags are the strangest things you can rent these days! In fact, I think this is a brilliant idea! What do you have to say?



Ah, what girl wouldn’t like a guy who owns a car with big flashy rims! I mean, you know… rims are absolutely the first thing girls notice and you know… if you meet a girl in a place where she can’t see your car I absolutely think you should take the freaking rims with you! LOL! Now, raise your hand if you’re like me and distinguish the cars only by their color! Sweeet Jeeesuuus! Rims! Seriously? Call me crazy but I believe there are at least a million better ways to spend your hard earned cash!



Ah, that wonderful celebrity life! Some celebrities would gladly pay to have paparazzi leave them alone while others, whose career depends on them, might even be paying for all that media attention! In case you ever wish to be famous or at least feel like a celeb for a day, you’ll definitely want to know that paparazzi are one of the things you can rent whenever you want! They’ll follow you around, take photos and beg for just one more just like they do to Paris Hilton. (And, between us, I can’t be 100% sure she’s not paying for it, too)



In case you ever get bored of the busy, toxic city-life and wish for a place you can relax in completely undisturbed, definitely consider renting a village! Yes, I guess you could probably rent a house only but isn’t renting a whole village waaaay cooler? Don’t blow your entire money though because you’d probably want to rent some paparazzi, too. After all, who rents a village and keeps quiet about it? LOL!



Now, in case you don’t want to be a celebrity or act like a celebrity but just hang with one, you can certainly do so by renting some of your favorite celebs for a couple of hours. Now, could you ever believe you favorite celebrity would be one of the things you can rent? Like, “Ummm… one extra large chocolate soufflé minus the ice-cream plus a 45 minute performance by Usher. Thank you!”

And remember – the fact that these are the things you CAN rent, doesn’t mean you absolutely have to do so! Bags and goats excluded… I kind of like those! Can you believe there are so many weird things you can rent?

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