9 Nifty Neoprene Laptop Cases ...

These days, people seem to be spending much more money on technology, especially items such as laptops. It’s important then to keep such valuables protected. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber which is flexible and sturdy. These properties make it a popular material in the construction of laptop cases. Below are just a few examples of some nifty neoprene laptop cases.

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Jumble-Embossed Neoprene Laptop Case

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Price: $50.00 at net-a-porter.com
This turquoise laptop case has a funky, playful design. It features a designer stamped rubber patch and an all-over embossed jumbled letter pattern. It has a double zip opening and white faux fur lining. If you’re after a designer laptop case, then look no further.

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