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9 Car Bumper Stickers I Wish I Had ...

By Heather

Car Bumper Stickers are my obsession. No. I'm not kidding; I have a ton on my car! Car bumper stickers are meant to make you laugh, make you smile and make your car sarcastic! I have about ten different car bumper stickers plastered to the back of my car, no matter where I am driving to, I constantly look out my rear-view mirror to wait for the reaction. That's what inspired this post! I'm going to talk about 9 bumper stickers that I wish had, might buy and would laugh at if I saw them on someone's car!

1 Rainbows & Butterflies

Rainbows & Butterflies Price: $7.10 at
Sometimes it isn't all rainbows and butterflies but hey, your car could claim it was right? I think that this is one of the most adorable car bumper stickers out there. What would you think if you saw this sticker on the back of a car? Wouldn't it brighten your day a little bit? It would mine!

2 Pluto Was a Planet

Pluto Was a Planet Price: $5.40 at
Oh god, this one makes me feel old. I'm not old (27 is not old right? Come on, lie to me!) but when I was younger, Pluto was a planet. Most kids nowadays wouldn't get this sticker because for all they know, Pluto was never a planet. In my mind though, I will always remember the paper I had to write on it for college about Pluto.

3 Speed Limits

Speed Limits Price: $3.95 at
Massachusetts is known for their horrible driving. I'm from Michigan and I thought they had bad drivers there – nope! Come to Massachusetts and you'll see bad driving and no, 15 mph is not enough over the speed limit for half of the people here. What I love about this sticker is that it calls all of those super fast massholes out! This is totally my next bumper sticker purchase!

4 Cell Phone Threats

Cell Phone Threats Price: $3.95 at
Okay, so I am so, so guilty of talking on my cell phone while driving; the difference is – my phone is on speakerphone. That makes a difference right? I am not that girl that has the phone to her ear and is yakking away about nonsense and weaving between the lanes. This bumper sticker describes exactly what I want to do with anyone that doesn't know how to talk on their phone and drive at the same time. If you have to tell your friends about your day that bad – get an earpiece people! Or … yanno … speakerphone!

5 Come to the Dark Side

Come to the Dark Side Price: $2.95 at
One thing that I love about car bumper stickers is that you can be sarcastic – and no one can stop you! This little sticker is enticing people to ditch their innocence and come to the dark side. Who knows, maybe you will see a little less innocent yourself if you have this sticker on your car!

6 Tolerance

Tolerance Price: $1.25 at
I love these car bumper stickers; they promote exactly what you believe in. My mother had this one and the Coexist one on her car and I love it! This let's people know that you believe in everyone and everything and nothing is stupid. It's a nice reminder that maybe we should all be a little bit more tolerate of people's beliefs!

7 Driving Closer Warning

Driving Closer Warning Price: $2.95 at
In Massachusetts (which we really should just call everyone a masshole), there are crazy – and I am talking about crazy drivers. Not only will they drive up next to you to flip you off but they will run you off the road. They hate everyone and everything and this bumper sticker definitely gets my message out loud and clear!

8 Peace, Love & Dogs

Peace, Love & Dogs Price: $4.05 at
I love my dogs; my hot dog is the prince of the house. I'm talking he is luggage on my arm and I dress him up in the winter so he won't get cold. Car bumper stickers are a great way to let people know just how deep your love goes for your pets (and mine goes pretty deep)! Peace, love and dogs – best saying in the world!

9 "I Brake" Bumper Sticker

"I Brake" Bumper Sticker Price: $5.00 at
My brother is a gamer; he always had been, always will be. In fact (and he'd kill me if he found out I was telling this story but...), he used to sleep-game. Do you know what that is? He used to be sleeping, and playing with his controller, scary right? That brings me to this car bumper sticker; it's from one of the old school games that I used to play!

See ladies, car bumper stickers are fun, sarcastic and are a great way to express yourself through stickers. Personally, I plan on making my entire car a bunch of different car bumper stickers to provide all kinds of entertainment for the people who drive behind me. What stickers do you have in your car or on your car? I need some more ideas!

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