The Ultimate GuideπŸ“• to the Most Indulgent Lazy Day🐌 You DeserveπŸ›‹ ...

You've been working hard, and your mind and body are just exhausted. You could drown your sorrows in a quad-shot of espresso and push on with your life, but I think what you need instead is an entire day of pampering, a 24-hour period of nothing but the lazy. How should you spend those precious pamper-yourself hours? Here's a list.

1. Nix the Alarm ⏰

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This is your lazy day - so no alarm clock! Let your body wake up on its own, without that annoying MEEP-MEEP-MEEP.

2. Breakfast πŸ₯“

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If you're usually really busy in the morning, you might not have time for a breakfast. Today? Today you have time. Enjoy.

3. Pore Strip and Mask

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Now it's time to get your mini spa on. Apply a pore strip and/or your favorite mask.

4. Long, Steamy Shower

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Now it's time to rinse off the mask and get squeaky clean while you're at it. Don't want a shower? Try a bath instead, and add a Lush bath bomb.

5. Hydrate X 2 β˜•

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While you're in the tub, why not enjoy a cup of tea, or cocoa, or a mimosa? When you're done in the tub, make sure to hydrate your skin, as well, by using your favorite body butter.

6. Fly Solo

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Relieve some stress and get the endorphins going with a little on-your-own self-love. Take your time and if you want, nap a little after.

7. Comfy Clothes

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When you do get dressed, choose your favorite comfy outfit. Bra? No. Pants? Why bother? Be comfy.

8. Netflix

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Grab your tablet and binge-watch Stranger Things (so good!) or The Little Prince (the feels!) on Netflix. Or both? Netflix and chill by yourself.

9. Snacks! 🍿

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Wait! Before you get comfy on the couch, gather all of your favorite snacks. There you go! Now Netflix.

10. Pinterest and Stuff

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Netflix doesn't require all of your attention, so why not do a little online shopping, wishlist-making, or pinning? Play a game app? Scroll through Instagram? Watch a makeup tutorial on YouTube? All of the above?

What would you add to this list? Which of these is your fave lazy-day passtime?

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