Wonderful Organizational Tips to Crush Your to-do List in a Few Hours ...


Wonderful Organizational Tips to Crush Your to-do List in a Few Hours ...
Wonderful Organizational Tips to Crush Your to-do List in a Few Hours ...

You’re probably looking at the title and thinking “no way, José”. But it is possible. This isn’t about your life goals to-do list but a daily one. You need to start off with a to-do list that is achievable but also challenging – otherwise you can simply write a short list and get it done in no time! Where’s the challenge and benefit in that? Don’t be overwhelmed, do the right things at the right time and take great strides forward.

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Smooth Transition

Smooth Transition One of the best ways to complete your to-do list quickly is to make the transition time between tasks as smooth and procrastination free as possible. Don’t tick the first thing off your list and then switch off for an hour. Collect your thoughts, get a boost from the first completion and move on to the next with full gusto!


Biggest First

Biggest First Always take on the biggest task on your list first. This will have a huge psychological impact on the rest of your list. By doing the hardest, most time-consuming task first, all of the other tasks that come afterwards will seem totally effortless and simple in comparison, it’s akin to walking up a hill and then riding a bicycle down it!


Social Network Hour

Social Network Hour Limit yourself to one single hour of social media time during your to-do list day. You can decide whether that is several little breaks throughout the day or one big block in the middle, but once your hour is up you have no other option than to carry on with your tasks!



Preparation If you having already written your to-do list the night before, then do everything you can to set up your home in a way that will make completing the tasks much easier and time effective in the morning. Whether that is taking the washing out of the dryer to be ironed or defrosting food to be cooked while you sleep, every little helps!


Avid Concentration

Avid Concentration You really need to be completely ruthless when it comes to avoiding distractions. With so many different gadgets sending notifications every minute of the day, you need to focus all of your brain power on seeing them as a reward for after you have ticked off everything on your list rather than a thing to pause your work for every two seconds!

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Practice Mindful Attention

Practice Mindful Attention You can train yourself to be better at avoiding procrastination by practicing mindful attention, meaning that you sit down and allow your mind to drift, but as soon as you feel yourself drifting, make the conscious effort to bring yourself back to the task in hand. Continued practice of this will make your brain much stronger in resisting temptation.


Well Timed Exercise

Well Timed Exercise Exercising at certain points throughout the day can be really helpful in giving you the adrenaline and endorphin boost that you need in order to stay focused and motivated on the tasks that you have to complete. Don’t let your workout be a diversion, but more a replenishment.


Curb Carbs

Curb Carbs To be able to perform at your best mentally, you should avoid meals that are heavily carb based, as although they might give you an immediate temporary energy boost, you will be much more likely to crash and burn later on when your digestion really kicks in.


Clean Space

Clean Space A clean space equals a clean mind, so in order to be as productive as possible and check off all of the tasks on your to-do list in no time at all, make sure that your work space is as spotless as it can be!

You don’t need more time to do the things you need to do – you just need to be better and more efficient.

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