Super Simple Digital Ways for Girls Who like to do Good Deeds ...


Super Simple Digital Ways for Girls Who like to do Good Deeds ...
Super Simple Digital Ways for Girls Who like to do Good Deeds ...

I thought I’d share with you some different ways of doing good deeds. If you read any list of how you can do something good/nice for someone it always involves practical things like leaving thank you notes and volunteering. These are fantastic but we live in a digital age. I thought it would be fun to look at ways we can use our devices and technology to do good, make people smile, and get some freebie self-esteem points too.

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Send a Note to Operation Beautiful

A really cool way to promote positive body image.


Click on the Hunger Site

Help alleviate world hunger with just a click. So easy you can do it every day.


Donate a Photo

Health giant Johnson & Johnson gives $1 to charity for every photo you upload.


Tweet a Line about Your Favorite Cause

So easy to do. Raise awareness by tweeting the website link to your favorite charity or NGO.


Use a Browser That Donates when You Search

instead of enabling Google to make another penny when you search, use a browser that gives to good causes instead.


Donate Your Skills

If you have expertise in marketing, communications, media, research, I.T. etc you can microvolunteer online and help small businesses.


Donate Your “My Coke Rewards” Points
Feel good about drinking soda by signing up.


Customize Your Browser and Start Giving

As someone who always has multiple tabs open, I love this idea. Download the extension and every time you open a new tab, you’re giving.


Click to Give Rice

Spend a few minutes answering fun trivia questions. Every right answer equals a donation of 10 grains of rice.


Help Animal Shelters Feed Their Inmates

Answer a daily question and in return 10 pieces of kibble are donated regardless of whether you answer correctly or not.


Review Games

Love playing games? Games for Change helps charities and great causes create inspirational games. Making a difference is now as simple as playing a game and giving your feedback.


Run for Money

Do your body good and raise money for worthy causes with every step you take.


Join Giftfluence

The website offers four great ways for you to donate to charity.


Sign an Online Petition

Support a cause you believe in by applying your digital signature to a petition. Or start your own.


Fund a Way for Someone to Start Their Own Enterprise

If you have a few dollars to spare, donate online in the form of a loan. Give a man a fish and he feeds his family for the day. Give him a fishing net and he feeds his family for life.


Donate Unused Computer Time to Research

Become a World Community Volunteer and donate your device’s spare computing power to help scientists solve the world’s biggest problems in health and sustainability.


Define a Word to Feed a Hungry Child
Farlex will donate a lunch to a hungry child for every two approved definitions at the site.


Spread Love around the World
Write a letter and fill the world with love.

I love these because they’re all superfast and super simple.

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Amazing! I didn't know about these .

I'm already doing more than half of these things yet it's good to remind others to do


well. Sorry the app just went nuts. The ones I didn't do I will go and do right now :) thank you !

This is frigging awesome. I never thought about these. Thank you so much. I'm going to start doing good deeds today.

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