Sensational Tips for Girls Looking to Combine Their Friend Groups ...


Sensational Tips for Girls Looking to Combine Their Friend Groups ...
Sensational Tips for Girls Looking to Combine Their Friend Groups ...

There are some people who prefer to keep their social circles separate as they reveal different parts of themselves to different groups of people and the combining of the groups can lead to a complete disaster. On the contrary, I am the type of person who enjoys bringing different people into a new network of friends. The more the merrier! However, combining groups can be rather difficult, it’s a fragile process that requires a little bit of effort so here are some tips on ensuring your success!

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Incorporate One or Two Friends at a Time

girl, interaction, fun, friendship, conversation, The key to combining groups is doing it at a very slow pace. Just imagine bringing two large groups together, everyone will stay with friends they are most comfortable with and no new friendships will form that night! Try incorporating a few friends at a time for the smoother transition and maybe even remind everyone to try to get to know each other.


Introduce Your Friends Right Away

performing arts, dance, performance, entertainment, dancer, There is nothing more awkward than meeting someone for the first time and not being introduced by your mutual friend. Therefore, it is your responsibility for the night to make a few introductions just to get the communication going and be there to diffuse awkward tension!


Try to Include Everyone and Avoid Leaving Anyone out

performing arts, performance, acting, musical theatre, drama, Even though it is easy to get carried away and start having your own fun, you have to keep some responsibility in the back of your mind and remind yourself that tonight it is more about your friends getting along. So be there for the few friends you are trying to incorporate and keep them company as they make themselves comfortable in a new friend group.


Find the Right Time and Place

audience, socialite, event, drink, bar, Of course the setting can have a large influence on how the integration of networks is going to go. Sometimes it is better to invite these friends over to your house for more comfort instead of let’s say going out to movies, where nobody will be talking to each other. So make sure you are picking the right place and time for this event to occur!


Plan out Appropriate Activities

social group, product, television program, fun, friendship, Going off the last point, the activities that you do with your friends can also have a significant impact. You want to choose something that requires lots of interactions, communication and teamwork. Maybe an amusement park, bowling alley or golf course, etc. Find something that everyone will have a blast doing without leaving anyone out!


Be the Bridge between Your Friends

girl, blond, interaction, product, mouth, And when things get a little bit awkward because chances are they will, start up conversations regarding overlapping interests. You probably know your friends and what gets them talking, so use that to your advantage and set up conversations between your friends!


This article provides tips for girls who want to merge their friend groups. One of the tips is to be the bridge between your friends. This means using your knowledge of your friends' interests to start conversations and activities that will bring them together. By doing this, you can help break the ice and make everyone feel more comfortable. Additionally, being the bridge between your friends shows that you care about their relationships and want them to get along. This can strengthen your own friendships and create a more cohesive group dynamic. Overall, being the bridge between your friends is a great way to facilitate new connections and strengthen existing ones.


Don’t Feel Too Bad if Things Don’t Work out

event, girl, If all of your efforts go to waste and your friends are just not clicking, don’t feel down about it! Maybe they were in separate groups for a reason. You gave things a shot but it’s not your fault that it didn’t work out.

How have you successfully introduced your friends to another circle of friends in the past? Share some tips with us in the comments!

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I'm organising a girls's day out before my wedding so I hope it works out with my group! We're going to do a winery crawl and there's only about 10 of us 😊

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