Stop Cursing by Using These 11 Alternative Insult Words Instead ...


Stop Cursing by Using These 11 Alternative Insult Words Instead ...
Stop Cursing by Using These 11 Alternative Insult Words Instead ...

Cursing isn't appreciated at work or in school, so you should have some backup words to use when you're angry. They'll make you sound more worldly, because most of the people around you will have no idea what you're trying to say. You'll be the smartest one in the room! Here are a few alternative words to use when you're in a location that frowns upon cursing:

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Cockalorum should be used to describe a boastful person that you just can't stand. It's the perfect word to use if you're trying to stop cursing like a sailor, because the first syllable sounds pretty crude. You'll feel right at home using it.


Be mindful when you toss around cockalorum, though. Despite its satisfying roll off the tongue, it's best served with a side of playful jest rather than genuine disdain. Consider it your go-to quip when Uncle Jerry starts bragging about his unrivalled mini-golf skills for the umpteenth time. It’s a cheeky callback to those archaic insults that somehow feel more sophisticated than their modern counterparts. Just imagine the look on the braggart's face when you accuse them of being a cockalorum—it's bound to be priceless and a lot less harsh than other alternatives.



A mooncalf is a foolish person, so use the word when you see someone do something that you deem ridiculous. The best thing about the phrase is that the person you're insulting might think they're getting a compliment, because this word sounds deceptively sweet.



This word is used to describe a suck up. So if you're annoyed by the teacher's pet or by your boss' favorite employee, you can use this word in reference to them.



This word may sound funny, but it's used to describe a rude person. The next time someone cuts in front of you at the grocery store or fails to hold open a door for you, you can consider them a loblolly.



You might've heard of this word before. It is used to describe a demon assuming female form (an incubus is a demon assuming the male form). So instead of calling someone the devil, just call them a succubus.



A yuppie is an arrogant, rich, young person. It's a great way to describe some of the teenage celebrities that you just can't stand. If they don't seem like they appreciate their fame and their fans, consider them a yuppie.



A slattern is a dirty woman. It's a word that was once synonymous with being a prostitute. Of course, now you can use it as a general insult, because not many people are aware of its origins.



A poltroon is a coward. It's something that you can call yourself when you're too terrified to walk up to your crush to say hello. Force yourself to stop being a poltroon and make a move!



A blatherskite is a person who talks a lot without making much sense. So the next time your teacher drones on about material that no one actually understands, you can tell your buddies she's a blatherskite.



A harridan is a strict or bossy old woman. While you probably don't want to use this word on someone like your sweet grandmother, there's bound to be a cranky old lady that you'll run into eventually, and then you can unleash this word.



A lush is someone who flirts with everyone. So the next time you see your crush getting cozy with a girl who isn't you, you can call him a lush and move on with your life.

You have to let out your frustrations one way or another, and these words are the perfect way to talk about your enemies. What's your favorite insult word that isn't considered a curse?

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Love these! (I get what the article was meaning..)

Why would you use any of these? They aren't going to make you look like the smartest person in the room, but quite the opposite!

@Neecey stop acting like a bully too grow up and get real. Maybe if somebody called you those names and laughed at u after. You probably wouldn't like it then you're gona get yr knockers in a twist

I thought lush was the word used to describe someone who is drunk, no? Do you know if there's more than one meaning?

I personally find some of these words funny. Sharon, wake up and get in the real world. Calling someone a cockalorum is better than calling someone a 'bitch' 'f*cker' 'c*nt'. Totally agree with neecey.

These insults seem like they would be normal to say 200 years ago, but now they are just awkward to say. Calling someone lush seems like an uncomfortable compliment

It's not nice to insult people in the first place! You don't want to make someone cry, do you?

Instead of just being a bunch of Debbie Downers you can still see the good in this article even if you don't agree with its intention. Be educated by the content! You can improve your vocabulary just by knowing these words and what they mean. We are all improved every time we learn something new - no matter how it is presented. I personally found the words on here I didn't know, quite fascinating.

I love Sasha pieterse

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