7 Alternatives to Bad Behavior when You're Depressed ...

When you’re depressed, it’s easy to try to forget your sorrows by doing something harmful. You know that drinking, overeating, and cutting aren’t the answer, but it’s hard to stop. If you know you slip into dangerous territory when you’re depressed, you need to change your behavior. Here are some alternatives to try the next time you unhinge:

1. Run Away

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Instead of consuming a gallon of ice cream, go for a run. Exercise is the opposite of eating, but it has the same effect. When you’re depressed, it takes your mind off of your issues. Unlike eating, you’ll feel better about yourself once you’re done instead of feeling guilty. Working out is the best way to keep both your mind and body healthy.

2. Laugh It off

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If you’re having issues in the love department, you don’t want to turn on a romantic comedy. Watching a cute couple can get you more upset about your current situation. Instead, put on a buddy comedy or a crime show. Relationships will pop up in anything you watch, but not to the same extent as romances. If you’re upset about a boy, why watch something that’ll make your heartache worse?

3. Temporary Chef

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If you pick up blades when you’re upset, use them for their intended use. Chop up carrots or carve a pumpkin if they’re in season. If you get into the habit of cooking when you’re upset, you might end up with a new hobby. You can create new recipes, and let your creativity flourish. Your sadness could vanish with the help of a cookbook, so why not try it out?

4. Scribble out Complaints

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If you get loud when you’re upset, writing could benefit you. Instead of screaming at the people around you, write down your feelings. Don’t hold back. Writing takes more thought than speaking does, so it’ll help you understand your feelings more clearly. When you’re finished, release any extra energy by tearing the paper to shreds.

5. Personal Punching Bag

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If you tear apart the house whenever you’re upset, you desire a physical release. Instead of throwing things, invest in a punching bag that you can attack. Some people benefit from letting out their rage in a physical way, which is completely acceptable as long as they do it in a healthy manner. Whenever you’re emotional, you can go to your punching bag for comfort. It’ll help your mental state while getting you physically fit.

6. One on One

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When you’re angry at someone, it’s tempting to let the world know via Facebook and Twitter. However, once you calm down, you could regret the things that you’ve said. Instead of broadcasting your feelings to everyone, pick one trusted friend and give them a call. Tell them about your situation, and vent for as long as you’d like. You’ll get more satisfaction from hearing one person’s genuine sympathies than getting a few likes on a status.

7. Get out There

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When you’re upset, the easiest thing to do is hide yourself away. You can go to your room and relax for a couple of hours, but you can’t remain indoors forever. You have to go out and face the world. Isolating yourself might feel like a viable solution, but you’ll grow tired of being alone. You should go out with friends when you’re upset, so that they can cheer you up.

You don’t get to choose when you get emotional, but you are in charge of how you handle your feelings. What do you do when you’re depressed? Do you have any additional ideas for healthy alternatives to destructive behavior?

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