Essential Texting Etiquettefor All Well Mannered People ...


Essential Texting Etiquettefor All Well Mannered People ...
Essential Texting Etiquettefor All Well Mannered People ...

Texting has become the most common form of communication. It's more convenient than making a phone call and more casual than sending out an email. While there's nothing wrong with texting in order to communicate with your friends, family members, and coworkers, there are a few rules that you should stick to if you want to keep your reputation. Here are a few of the most important pieces of texting etiquette:

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Avoid Taking Screenshots of Your Conversations

It's tempting to take a screenshot of a sketchy conversation you had with a friend and send it to everyone else you know. However, it's rude to infringe upon a person's privacy like that. Likewise, if your friend says something funny, don't screenshot the convo and post it to Facebook and Instagram without getting their permission first.


Don't Respond with One Letter

If someone texts you a paragraph about why they can't stand you, feel free to respond with "K." But in most other cases, you should avoid answering with one letter or one word, especially if a friend just texted you life changing information. They're contacting you, because they want you to be there for them, so don't let them down.


Check Your Texts for Mistakes

Autocorrect doesn't always correct you correctly. That's why you should take two seconds to read over the text messages that you create before you press the "send" button. If you forget to read them over, you could end up sending out something that makes zero sense. That's the fastest way to end a conversation.


Don't Text While You're on a Date or out with Friends

If all of your friends take out their phones when you meet up, then feel free to join them. But if they actually want to have face-to-face conversations with you and enjoy your company, resist the urge to check your phone every five seconds. The messages will still be there when you get home.


Don't Text Important Information

If you have something huge to tell your friend, don't text them the information when you could call them or see them in person. If their family member died or if you saw their boyfriend cheating on them, you should try to deliver the news as delicately as you can.


Respond Promptly

You don't have to rush to answer your crush's text in five seconds when it took him five hours to respond to you. However, if a coworker asks if you can cover their shift or if your friend tells you she just got accepted into her dream college, try to respond as promptly as you can. If others know that they can rely on you to respond in a timely manner, they'll text you more often.


Don't Send Ten Texts in a Row

Unless you're texting your best friend or your boyfriend, you shouldn't send someone several texts at once. Wait until they answer you to message them back. Otherwise, they're going to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information you're giving them at once. Plus, it could make you appear desperate for friendship.

Everyone texts, but some people fail to follow these crucial rules. Don't be one of them if you can help it. What other pieces of texting etiquette do you wish more people would follow?

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It's annoying when people don't reread their messages before sending them. You have to be guessing what they are trying to say.

@Thelma62913 HAHAHAHA! Good one! Yes ppl these days cant even pick up their phone and make a phone call to wish happy birthday! 🙄

While driving, turn your phone to silence at the very least so it isn't a distraction.

My blood boils when I used to get "K" responses. Those that did that know to NOT do that to me anymore. And what's up with now texting people "Happy Birthday?!?!" You mean to tell me you can't pick up the phone to wish someone that?!


I don't do any of these things! Feel so proud😆😂

When someone replies with "k".... OMG drives me crazy!

#4 Has caused two relationships to breaker!!!

I agree with a previous commenter, don't text while driving should absolutely be on the list!

I know people who reply after two hours, including me.

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