Real World Issues All Women Are Facing and following in Life ...


Real World Issues All Women Are Facing and following in Life ...
Real World Issues All Women Are Facing and following in Life ...

We imagine the princesses from our favorite childhood films as living out their happily-ever-afters in a castle surrounded by family and adorable animal friends. But what if our favorite Disney princesses had to experience real world issues for women? What if drugs, illness, and violence replaced magic spells and fancy dresses? That's exactly what Philadelphia-based photographer Shannon Dermody explores in her latest photo series. Dermody hopes to raise awareness about our own society's problems by forcing us to look at a distorted our image of a perfect fairy tale land that has been polluted by our own evils.
Warning: This article contains graphic images

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No one ever see what the police officer has to go through

Thanks for sharing 😭

Glamorising these issues with these photos isnt okay

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