One Minute Habits for Girls Who Want a Better Life ...


One Minute Habits for Girls Who Want a Better Life ...
One Minute Habits for Girls Who Want a Better Life ...

They say it takes 21 days to create a new routine, but these one minute habits are so easy to add to your days that it won't be hard at all. Not only that, but each one of them will make your entire life better. Imagine committing just a minute at a time to getting the exact life you want. Try adding these healthy habits to your routine today and you'll see just what I mean.

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Start a Journal

beauty, fashion model, black hair, long hair, brown hair, You don't have to spend hours writing in a journal to make it an effective choice. This is one of the easiest one minute habits because all you have to do is write for 60 seconds. A couple of sentences is all it takes to help you tune in to yourself, which benefits all aspects of your life.


Do a Good Deed

blond, girl, leg, thigh, socialite, It's amazing how doing something nice for someone makes you feel better than they do. Take a minute to do a good deed to day and you'll notice a mood boost that lasts for hours. Buy the person in line behind you a coffee, let a mom with little ones cut in line at the grocery store or read your toddler an extra book at bedtime. Easy, right?


Get off Social Media

leg, sitting, shoulder, girl, black hair, Take a minute to log out of your social media accounts. That will mean you have to log back in to see what's going on, which is enough to keep you from checking your accounts all the time. This simple step will give you more time to dedicate to other things - like that novel you've been trying to finish.


Floss before Bed

beauty, black hair, close up, model, mouth, Poor dental hygiene can lead to other health problems, which is why you've got to start flossing tonight. It only takes a minute or so, but the payoff is huge.


Clear out Clutter

human hair color, beauty, fashion, shoulder, fashion model, Devote one minute each day to placing items you no longer need or want into a donation pile and it will only take a short amount of time until you have a tidier home. Grab a large bag or box and keep it somewhere handy. Set the timer for a minute, then go through a drawer or cabinet and clear out what you are done with and place it in the bag or box. Less clutter means less stress.


Eat off Smaller Plates

food, dessert, snack, breakfast, fruit, Being at a healthy weight will make you happier and reduce your risk of other health problems. One of the easiest ways to control your portions is to eat off of smaller plates. You'll trick your brain into thinking you're eating a lot when you're really eating less. It only takes a minute!


Read More

furniture, leg, couch, shoulder, product, Obviously you can't read a novel in a minute per day, but you can read a short article or poem. Reading builds your vocabulary and gives you an escape from the real world. Devoting a minute at a time is sure to turn you into an avid reader!

What's your one minute habit? Are you adding any of these to your routine?

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