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There are various reasons why being a woman is a challenge within itself. Although men have their own problems, women tend to experience difficulties on a daily basis. We are expected to act, dress, and look a certain way. There are things we can and can’t do just based on our gender. However, to be more specific, here are 7 reasons why being a woman is a challenge.

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Childbirth is one of the main reasons why being a woman is a challenge. Although it is quite a miracle to bring life onto this earth, women have to go through excruciating pain beforehand. Not only do we suffer from physical changes and adaptations throughout a span of nine months, but we also have to spend hours and hours in labor. While observing women in labor is not a fun task either, men still have the luxury of never feeling this type of pain in their life.


Menstrual Cycle

As if labor pain is not unfair enough, women also have to suffer through their menstrual cycle on a monthly basis. Not only is it uncomfortable and painful, but it also prevents us from enjoying certain things that we could have enjoyed if it weren’t for that time of the month. In addition to that, we also have additional expenses of purchasing pads and tampons!


Ridiculously High Standards of Beauty

Today’s media and society overall have put unimaginable pressure on women around the world to look beautiful. We are expected to have a fit body, clear skin, perfect posture, silky hair, and stylish fashion sense. For most women around the world those things are not possible, but we still struggle to somehow fit society’s standard of beauty.


Double Standards

You would think that in the 21st century everyone would be equal, but that is not the case. Although sexism is not a major problem, there are still double standards that differ for men and women. For example, when a guy has a record of many girlfriends, his friends praise him but when a woman goes through several boyfriends, people call her promiscuous!


High Expectations

Women have many high expectations to meet as they grow older. We are expected to build on a family, raise our children, maintain an organized and clean house, and cook for our family. In addition, somehow in the midst of all of those things, we should be able to build our own career and reach our lifetime goals.


Lower Pay

As I have previously stated, women are considered to be ‘equal’ in today’s society, but how is that possible when we still get lower pay than men?! In fact, according to the new data from the U.S. Census Bureau, women earned only 77 cents for every dollar that men earned in 2012. This gender wage gap is due to the fact that women are underrepresented in high-earning fields, which is very disappointing.


Woman Are Often Underestimated

Men often underestimate women when it comes to sports, work, and other abilities. Despite what some people may believe, women can pull their own weight! We can work just as hard or even harder than men when it comes to work or sports. While we can definitely act like fragile and innocent ladies, we still have our own backbone and drive that take us far in life!

While men have an accumulation of their own gender-based problems, these are just some of the important obstacles that women have to face just because they are women. What are some other aspects of being a woman that come as a challenge in your opinion?

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True... Except the childbirth one because you can avoid it THANK GOD!!?

Well said Gabriella

In my opinion I think society makes men weak and makes US strong. What originally developed thousands of years ago to BREAK women is now backfiring on society as women are seeing this as more of a reason to develop and educate themselves to become stronger. Society spoon feeds the male population that they have power, intelligence, and capability solely because they are male. Even though we SHOULDN'T have to, woman have to prove/earn that we have power, intelligence and capability. Men are under the impression that power, capability, and intelligence are stuff that's GRANTED rather than earned. So when they go out into the real world and someone (ESPECIALLY if that someone is a woman) makes them realize that their pedestal is not as high as they thought, they start screaming that their being oppressed (for someone proving that their wrong ) for not even experiencing a fraction of a fraction of what women have been experiencing for thousands of years. And that's insulting. Believe it or not, men used to be afraid of us. I mean, think about it. We can bleed for days and not die, we can endure more pain than man can even comprehend, we're biologically shown to be more intelligent, and we can create HUMAN BEINGS for crying out loud. Society trying to shame and belittle us is a result of fear and intimidation that was the foundation of male dominated societies ancient Greece and Rome. Sorry to get all history geek on you :/ but yea, thats my opinion on society.

This was a treat to read ❤️ loved the part where women are expected to build a career and raise kids simultaneously , I mean I know a lot of mom do have a career and a family life but it's HARD !!!

I find it crazy that something so challenging and fundamental to human life such as childbirth is trivialised, guys I knew were forever trying to imply that being kicked in the balls is more painful than childbirth, why do they feel the need to one up us every time? Think about how different childbirth would be treated if it were men who went through it(providing we had the same social and cultural structures and attitudes we have today).

Yaa lila is of course right

The Menopause...after many years of dealing with out menstrual cycle along comes mother nature and hits some of us badly with the 100s of symtoms of the Menopause...definately coming back as a man lol ...

Sometimes I honestly hate being a woman cause society expects so much from us just cause we're female,i love sports but was told by someone that I shouldn't cause I'm a woman and men don't like 'athletic women' WTF?! So I can't play with my basketball cause men don't like it? 😒 sorry for my rant but it's honestly so annoying and angering

Lila is right! Well said girl.

My mother was a CEO for a company and she made sure the women got paid the exact same amount as the men.

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