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17 Quotes for Creative Girls Who Can't Get Enough of Tattoos ...

By Holly

You should be proud of your ink, no matter what other people say about you. After all, tattoos are a beautiful way for you to express yourself. Anyone who doesn't see that isn't worth your time. Here are a few quotes for creative girls who can't get enough of tattoos:

1 Tattoos Aren't Irresponsible

Tattoos Aren't Irresponsible Your tattoos don't change you as a person. You can still be sweet and attentive, even while covered in ink. Anyone who thinks otherwise is out of their mind.

2 Tattoos Enhance the Soul

Tattoos Enhance the Soul When you get a tattoo that you truly love, it'll make you feel more confident than ever before. Studies have even shown that the more tattoos a person has, the higher their self-esteem is.

3 Tattoos Require Suffering

Tattoos Require Suffering You shouldn't mind suffering for a few minutes if it means you'll have something you love on your skin for the rest of your life. Beauty requires pain, you know.

4 We're Not Judgmental

We're Not Judgmental Would you rather be the judgmental person or the person being judged? I know which side I'd choose.

5 New Tattoos

New Tattoos The more tattoos you get, the more addicted you'll become. Then you'll realize that any day is a good day for a tattoo.

6 No Regrets

No Regrets Ignore what the haters say. As long as you get a tattoo that means a lot to you, then you're never going to regret it.

7 Tattoos Tell a Story

Tattoos Tell a Story Every single tattoo tells a story. That's why people covered in ink are so much fun to talk to.

8 Never Regret

Never Regret Be proud of your tattoos. Embrace your ink.

9 You're Free to do as You Please

You're Free to do as You Please Remember that you're free to get as many tattoos as you'd like, and that you're free to ignore the haters.

10 Tattoos Are Permanent

Tattoos Are Permanent Make sure you only get a tattoo if you're serious about the design, just like you should only get married if you're serious about the other person.

11 The Nicest People You'll Ever Meet

The Nicest People You'll Ever Meet You already know that you can't judge a book by its cover. But you can't judge a person by their tattoos, either.

12 More Fun to See Naked

More Fun to See Naked When someone with tattoos gets naked, it'll be like you're looking at a piece of art. Yes, it's that breathtaking.

13 Tattoos Are Chosen Carefully

Tattoos Are Chosen Carefully It's silly when someone tells you you're going to regret your tattoos. Don't they know how much time you've spent planning them out?

14 Tattoos Look Pretty

Tattoos Look Pretty Not all of us get tattoos in order to make a statement. Sometimes, we just want to add a pretty design to our skin.

15 Your Body is an Empty Canvas

Your Body is an Empty Canvas We have beautiful bodies that are capable of being decorated. We might as well take advantage of the fact.

16 Good Tattoos Aren't Cheap

Good Tattoos Aren't Cheap Unfortunately, tattoos can be pretty expensive. That's why it's super insulting when someone tells us that they don't like our ink.

17 Stupid Questions

Stupid Questions All of us women with tattoos have to put up with a lot of stupid questions, like if they hurt or if they mean something to us, but it's all worth it.

There's nothing wrong with having tattoos. Never let anyone tell you otherwise, because you should be proud of your ink! How many tattoos do you have?

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