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13 Very Feminine Spots for a Tattoo ...

By Alicia

When a woman considers getting a tattoo, she often considers where would be some very feminine spots for a tattoo on her body. Since I have been thinking about this forever and ever as I bounce back and forth between wanting a tattoo and not wanting one, I have come up with some of the most feminine spots for a tattoo. The decision to get a tattoo is an enormous one. You want to be absolutely certain not only about what your tattoo is but also the location on your body where you choose to have it placed.

1 The Foot

The FootThe foot is a very popular spot for a woman to choose to get a tattoo. It is often chosen because it is one of the most feminine spots for a tattoo. After all, you don’t see very many men choosing that spot for their location, do you? Women often have floral designs tattooed there or verses of some sort. A tattoo placed here looks really nice in a pair of heels.

2 The Inner Wrist

eyebrow,face,beauty,photography,eyelash,Another often chosen placement for a lady's tattoo is the inner wrist. I really like this placement. It is such a delicate area of the body and can remain hidden until her arm is turned. It is almost like it is her own little secret. This makes it a very feminine spot for a woman to get a tattoo.


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3 Down the Side of the Ribcage

Down the Side of the RibcageThis is another lovely location for a woman to get a tattoo, but this choice could be a bit problematic. If a woman gains a lot of weight, it could affect this tattoo. It could also be affected in a pregnancy when a woman’s breast size typically changes. But, with special care, this could be a very good choice. It is also very feminine in choice.

4 The Shoulder

The ShoulderA shoulder is another choice that women typically choose for a tattoo placement. They sometimes do it on the back of their shoulder or even on the top of the shoulder and trailing downward. This tattoo would most likely not be as painful as some of the other locations mentioned, yet it is still a very feminine location. This is especially true if the placement is on top of the shoulder and trailing downward.

5 The Back

The BackMany women choose to have a tattoo placed on their back. They can go in many different directions with this choice. Some choose a low placement and some go higher or for a fuller length of tattoo. These are very pretty when a woman wears a bikini in the summertime or in other summer clothing. Many different designs work well here, too.

6 The Back of the Neck

The Back of the NeckThe back of the neck is a pretty location for a woman to get a tattoo. Like the location of the inner wrist, this one can easily be hidden and remain a secret. She can wear her hair down to cover it or up to show it off. That makes this a very versatile choice. Obviously, the choices for a tattoo here must be small in nature.

7 The Hand

The HandThis is a choice recently gaining popularity for a woman to be tattooed. For a long time, hand tattoos on a woman were considered somewhat taboo. But as tattoos are slowly becoming more acceptable, so is their visibility. This is a pretty spot for a woman to choose and one she will get to enjoy often because it is so easily in her line of sight. One thing to consider is that some public places of work do still have a problem with tattoos and it could be a factor in gaining employment.

8 Behind the Ear

hair,face,hairstyle,nose,forehead,It's soft and tender back there, which are both classic feminine traits, so what better place to put a tattoo than behind your ear. True, you'll have to consider size and detail since the area is so small, but it's a great place if you want something meaningful that isn't super large. And, you can cover it with your hair or a bit of make-up so it's still appropriate for the workplace.

9 The Tailbone

hair,human hair color,clothing,blond,black hair,Commonly called a "tramp stamp," the lower back is a popular and very feminine place for a tattoo. It's a hidden area, so that tiny glimpse of ink is pretty girly when you're wearing a bikini or low rise jeans. Don't worry what people say, this is a great place to get a tattoo because it can be easily hidden or shown off as the mood strikes.

10 The Ankle

leg,tattoo,arm,skin,thigh,The ankle is perfect for a small girly tattoo. It doesn't hurt as bad as other body parts, but it allows you to show off your feminine side. A flower, heart or butterfly are popular choices, but you can pretty much get anything small on your ankle and still keep from looking like a hulking biker dude.

11 The Breast

hair,human hair color,blond,hairstyle,supermodel,Sure, it might sag with age, but the side of the breast is becoming an increasingly popular spot for girls to have tattoos inked. A tattoo here is easy to keep covered so it won't interfere with your job. It's perfect because you can indulge your feminine side without having to go all out at the tattoo parlor.

12 The Hip

human action,person,grass,muscle,arm,What's more feminine than a curvy woman's hip? So when you think about getting a tattoo, this is a very good spot. Not only does it show off your girly side, but you can keep it under wraps when you need to. Think about how awesome a tattoo peeking out of your swimsuit would look! Even the skinniest girl has ample room on her hip for a pretty cool design.

13 The Toe

foot,toe,leg,finger,nose,Don't want to make the commitment of having your entire foot tattooed? Consider having something very small inked on your big toe. Pair it with a toe ring on the second toe and you have a super feminine look that doesn't require hours with the needle, but still gives you a unique look you can call your own.

I would love to hear you weigh in on this. Where do you think are feminine spots for tattoos? What spots are definite don’ts when it comes to tattooing?

This article written in collaboration with editor, Eliza Martinez

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