32 Inspiring Wrist Tattoos ...


32 Inspiring Wrist Tattoos ...
32 Inspiring Wrist Tattoos ...

Wrist tattoos are popular among women. The area is a pretty painful place to get inked, but you can get a lot of inspiring tattoos there. Of course, you're going to have to choose something small because your wrist isn't a huge canvas. But that's part of what makes the wrist such a nice place to get a small, understated tattoo. If you know you want a wrist tattoo, here are some choices that will get you excited.

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Vintage Anchor

flower,arm,tattoo,leg,hand, Via Vintage Anchor temporary tattoo 3x2"
I love this anchor because it has some color, but it isn't super huge.


Inspirational Word

face,finger,nose,leg,arm, Via Ideas! This Gives Me Ideas ...
Have an inspirational word tattooed on your wrist and you can refer to it all day long.


Wrist tattoos are a great way to express yourself and to encourage yourself throughout the day. Having an inspirational word tattooed on your wrist is a great way to remind yourself of your goals and your values. It can be a small reminder that will keep you motivated and help you stay on track. Wrist tattoos are also a great way to show off your personality and to make a statement. They are a great way to express yourself and to bring attention to something that is important to you. Wrist tattoos are a great choice for anyone looking to make a statement and to show off their individual style.


Words of Affirmation

finger,pink,leg,hand,arm, Via 2pcs THINK POSITIVE Faith Cross ...
A positive affirmation is just as great as an inspirational word on your wrist.


Double Arrows

finger,thigh,leg,arm,skin, Via 56 Impossibly Pretty And Understated ...
Arrows have a lot of symbolism, which makes them a great wrist tattoo choice.


Wrist tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, as they are a great way to express yourself and your personality without making a permanent commitment. Double arrows are a great choice for a wrist tattoo, as they have a lot of symbolism. Arrows represent power and strength, and they can also be seen as a sign of protection. They can also represent guidance and direction, and can be used to remind the wearer to stay on the right path.

The double arrows also represent balance and harmony, and are often used to show that two sides of a situation or argument can be seen and respected. This makes them a great choice for someone looking for a tattoo that will remind them to stay balanced and to always strive for harmony.

Double arrows are also seen as a sign of friendship and loyalty, and can be used to represent the bond between two people. This makes them a great choice for a couple or best friends who want to show their commitment to each other.

The double arrows can also be seen as a sign of courage and determination, and can be used to remind the wearer to stay strong and keep going no matter what. This makes them a great choice for someone who wants a tattoo that will serve as a reminder to keep going even in the face of adversity.


Flock of Birds

white,black,black and white,tattoo,beauty, Via 66 Simple Female Wrist Tattoos ...
A tiny of flock of birds is an impressive choice. What do you think?


Itty Bitty Flower

tattoo,close up,finger,arm,skin, Via Top 10 Cute and Small ...
A flower is a wonderful tattoo choice. This one is adorable, but you could choose your favorite flower.


Declare Your Faith

tattoo,finger,leg,arm,skin, Via 30 Amazing Tattoos That You ...
Your wrist is the perfect place to declare your faith. For yourself and to share with others.


This text is referring to getting a tattoo on the wrist as a way to publicly declare one's faith. Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and to share your beliefs with others. Wrist tattoos are a popular choice for many because they are easily visible and can be a great conversation starter. The image accompanying the text is of a tattoo on the arm, leg and finger that reads "Faith" in cursive. This particular tattoo is a great way to show off your faith to the world.


Almost Invisible

face,cheek,finger,nose,leg, Via 50 Insanely Gorgeous Nature Tattoos
These white ink tattoos are pretty popular these days. This one is visible, but not glaring.


White ink tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among women. These tattoos are created using only white ink, giving them a subtle and delicate appearance. They are often used to create intricate designs and patterns, such as the one featured in the article. Unlike traditional black ink tattoos, white ink tattoos tend to be less visible and more subtle, making them a great choice for those who want a more discreet tattoo. However, they do require special care and may not be suitable for all skin tones, so it's important to do thorough research before getting one.


Pretty Music and Heart Shape

tattoo,arm,organ,hand,ear, Via 10 Most Beautiful Tattoo Designs ...
Music lovers won't be able to resist this sheet music inspired wrist tattoo.


Your Favorite Animal

tattoo,arm,pattern,hand,human body, Via idesignmaz.com
Your favorite animal is always a good choice for tattooing on your body.


Travel Tattoo

tattoo,finger,arm,hand,petal, Via 17 Tiny Travel Tattoos For ...
I love all the colors in this tiny map of the world. What do you think?


Personal Music Tattoos

white,black,black and white,tattoo,finger, Via 27 Creative And Personal Music ...
Obviously, this is reminiscent of your iPod. It's simple, but pretty cool too.


Angel Wings

blue,leg,finger,arm,thigh, Via 50 Eye-Catching Wrist Tattoo Ideas ...
I love angel wing tattoos, so this one tops the list of my favorites.


Tiny Dragonfly

jewellery,bracelet,fashion accessory,chain,necklace, Via 56 Impossibly Pretty And Understated ...
Dragonflies are cute, which makes them an ideal choice for your small wrist.



white,black,black and white,jewellery,necklace, Via 66 Simple Female Wrist Tattoos ...
They say love is all you need, which makes this tattoo the ultimate choice.


This tattoo is a great representation of the power of love. It features a black and white necklace with a simple design that makes it both beautiful and meaningful. The phrase "love is all you need" is a reminder that no matter what life throws your way, love will always be the most important thing. It's a great way to show off your commitment to love and the power it has to make the world a better place. This tattoo is perfect for anyone who wants to show off their love for someone special or just to have a reminder of the power of love in their life.


Best Friend Tattoos

Instagram,arm,font,hand,leg, Via 40+ Creative Best Friend Tattoos ...
Get a tattoo that declares your friendship. You and your friend will be connected for life.


Heart Outline

tattoo,arm,font,organ,hand, Via 12 Wonderful Heart Wrist Tattoos
Everyone will know you love your family when it's surrounded by a heart.



tattoo,close up,finger,arm,skin, Via 66 Simple Female Wrist Tattoos ...
Showcase your love of travel with a small airplane on your wrist.


Tribal Design

drum,arm,skin head percussion instrument,hand drum,AMEN, Via Small Ankle Tattoos For Girls ...
This tattoo has a tribal feel, which makes it great for many ladies.


White Swan

black,white,black and white,photography,arm, Via 74 Of The Tiniest, Most ...
Here's another perfect example of a white ink tattoo. Cute, isn't it?


This subtle design is like a secret whispered only to those who look closely enough. White ink tattoos have a certain mystery to them, staying almost hidden on pale skin and looking like a faint scar or gentle branding on darker tones. If you're seeking a tattoo with a touch of elegance that won't overpower your natural look, this could be the perfect choice. They're particularly endearing for their minimalist flair, making them a chic accessory for any occasion. Whether worn with a cocktail dress or a casual tee, this tattoo speaks volumes in its quiet way.


Nature Outline

leg,arm,finger,hand,sense, Via 65 Totally Inspiring Ideas For ...
Your love of the mountains will never be a secret again once you get this tattoo.


Little Snowflakes

white,black and white,tattoo,close up,arm, Via 66 Simple Female Wrist Tattoos ...
This is really sweet. Any tattoo artist can help you create the most beautiful snowflakes.


String of Dots

tattoo,finger,arm,skin,close up, Via 74 Of The Tiniest, Most ...
This tattoo is simple, but I'm sure it has a great meaning. What do you think it is?


This tattoo is a simple string of dots that has been inked on the arm, near the wrist. It is a small and delicate design that has a very personal meaning to the wearer. The style of the tattoo is known as a minimalist tattoo, which is a trend that is growing in popularity. Minimalist tattoos are often seen as a way to express a meaningful message with a simple design. This tattoo could represent a range of emotions and thoughts, from a reminder of a special moment in time to a reminder of a loved one. Whatever the meaning, it is clear that this tattoo is meaningful to the wearer.


Large Flower

finger,arm,fashion accessory,pattern,hand, Via 35 Beautiful Wrist Tattoo Ideas
There's no reason why your tattoo can't cover your entire wrist like this rose does.


Cute Dandelion Tattoo

white,head,arm,drawing,organ, Get both of your wrists tattooed to make a little pattern that comes together like this one.


Crescent Moon

white,black and white,finger,photography,hand, Via 74 Of The Tiniest, Most ...
This looks great black, but would also be fantastic in just about any color of the rainbow.


Sun and Moon

black,white,black and white,person,photography, Via 65 Totally Inspiring Ideas For ...
Of course a sun and moon is just as awesome as a moon on its own.


A Simple Tree

pattern,pink,mehndi,design,henna, Via 65 Totally Inspiring Ideas For ...
I like how this tattoo doesn't have a ton of detail, but still makes an impact.


Diamond Gemstone

black,white,black and white,photography,monochrome photography, Via 65 Totally Inspiring Ideas For ...
This is lovely, don't you think?


Simple Sugar Skull

tattoo,pattern,arm,finger,design, Via 65 Totally Inspiring Ideas For ...
Sugar skulls are one of my favorites! I'd get this one in turquoise.


Dream Catcher

tattoo,arm,pattern,leg,hand, Via idesignmaz.com
Catch all your dreams with a dream catcher that goes everywhere with you.


Make a Wish

tattoo,arm,lip,finger,pattern, Via Trend: de ietsie pietsie ienie ...
This tattoo will remind you to make a wish all the time.

Do you have a wrist tattoo? Are you considering one now? Which one?

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I have 'Patience' written in Tibetan Sanskrit on my left wrist. The only thing you have to be careful with white tattoos, as over time they may start to turn a yellowish color.

19. Isn't tribal, it's the symbol people use at rock/metal concerts (sorry don't know the name of it) with a heart

Some of these tattoos are unreasonably small and will blur and fade to a blob quickly. It might look cute for a day but the clarity won't last!

I've had the faith one tattooed on my wrist and had it messed up because the tattooist changed the design of it.. wish it would of turned out like the photo😒 would of looked well beautiful!

I have "this too shall pass" on 1 wrist and one The other wrist I have "there is hope" ...inspiration for me and a reminder of harder times in my life :-)

#19 kind of looks like I love you in sign language

I don’t like how words are facing the person with the tattoo. Shouldn’t it face out, like all other tattoos on the body?

I would totally get #2 or a small infinite.


I've been wanting a wrist tattoo for a while, I know it might be cliche, but I'm thinking of getting the hand of Fatima. It's for protection against evil. I so need this, I've had too many bad ppl in my life.

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