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There are plenty of Hunger Games tattoo ideas for diehard fans. If a book or movie means a lot to you, it’s understandable that you’d want to preserve that meaning on your body. Some stories speak to us, and we’re unable to silence them. If you believe in the message of the series, here are some Hunger Games tattoo ideas:

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Mockingjay The final book is called Mockingjay for a reason. Mockingjays are an important symbol in the Hunger Games. They represent strength and become a symbol of revolution. This is one of the Hunger Games tattoo ideas that will ensure you get tons of compliments. It’s full of meaning, and it looks pretty darn awesome.



Quote “May the odds be ever in your favor,” is probably the first quote that pops into your mind. However, the novels are filled with excellent quotes. It doesn’t have to be something contained in the movie that everyone will recognize. It’ll be printed on your body, so all that matters is that you understand its importance. You’re the only one that needs to love the tattoo.


The Hunger Games trilogy, written by Suzanne Collins, has become a hugely popular book series, with a large following of fans. The books have been adapted into a movie trilogy, and have spawned a plethora of merchandise, from clothing to jewelry. One of the most popular ways for fans to express their love for the series is through tattoos.

Hunger Games tattoos can range from simple designs, like the mockingjay pin, to more complex designs, like a tribute to the characters or a quote from the book. Some fans opt for a more subtle design, like a tiny mockingjay pin, while others go for larger, more intricate designs, like a full-body tattoo.

No matter what design you choose, Hunger Games tattoos are a great way to show your love for the series. It’s important to remember that tattoos are a permanent form of expression, so it’s important to take your time and choose a design that you’ll love for years to come. You can find inspiration from the books and movies, or create your own unique design.


Bow and Arrow

Bow and Arrow Katniss always has a bow on her, and you can too. This tattoo doesn’t necessarily have to represent the Hunger Games. Bows and arrows exist outside of the arena. If you’re into archery, then that’s even more of a reason to get a tattoo like this. Images don’t have to represent only one thing. The more meanings they have, the more you’ll love it.



Primrose If you’re looking for a pretty, girly tattoo, get a primrose. Everyone will think that you got it because of its beauty. Only those closest to you will realize that it has meaning behind it. Even if Prim isn’t your favorite character, you can appreciate this gorgeous tattoo. It’s a subtle way to show your dedication to the Hunger Games trilogy.



Fire You can always get a tattoo that combines two things that you love. If you want a Hunger Games tattoo and a tattoo from another show, or something that represents a hobby you love, get two tattoos in one. Fire is used as decoration before the games. So why not use fire to embellish the tattoo you get? Add some flames to the background of whatever design you decide to get.



Anchor This doesn't exactly represent the trilogy, but it shows your love of the man who plays Peeta. He has a design of an anchor tattooed onto his side. If you're a big fan of Josh or his character, you could borrow his idea. An anchor is a popular object to get tattooed onto you, so if you don't want to stick out, this one will work best for you.


Favorite Scene

Favorite Scene Think about your absolute favorite scene from the novels or films. What sticks out about that part? It could be an item or a line or a character. Whatever it is, think of how you’d transform it into a tattoo. If you lack creativity, tell your tattoo artist about the scene and see if they have any ideas.

Some people are against tattoos, but they’re a great way to honor the things that you love. As long as you think your design over and are sure that you want it forever, you might as well get it. If you had to get a tattoo referencing a book or movie, what would it be?

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I have an anchor. They are gorgeous and can represent so much! Gorgeous selections.

Love the bow and arrow tattoo

Oh my god!!! Wish I wanted a tattoo... I totally luv hunger games. Finnick is my man

I think tattoos can be really great, and don't get me wrong I love the hunger games, but I don't think a book is a good reason to get a tattoo. These are rally pretty Nd great ideas but I would hope someone gets it for a meaning more significant than a fictional story.

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