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Want Something Edgy? These 30 Tattoos Will Definitely do It for You ...

By Eliza

There's something so cool about a skull tattoo, don't you think? Getting one will give you an edge that says tough, cool and rock and roll. You should always think through the decision to get a tattoo before you head to the parlor. But, you can't really go wrong with a skull design. Need more proof? Here it is!

1 Top It with a Rose

Top It with a RoseSource: 50 Cool Skull Tattoos Designs
Give your skull a girly feel by adding a rose to your design.

2 Made out of Flowers

Made out of FlowersSource: 35 Amazing Skull Tattoos for
Speaking of flowers, this one made completely from blooms is so beautiful.

3 Covering Your Hand

Covering Your HandSource: Most Stunning Hand Tattoos 2013
Are you brave enough to get a tattoo on your hand? This one is definitely awesome!

4 Pin up Looking Skull with Flowers

Pin up Looking Skull with FlowersSource: 65 Great Sleeve Tattoos &
This is fantastic! It's feminine but tough at the same time.

5 Amazing Watercolor Skull

Amazing Watercolor SkullSource: Amazing Watercolor Tattoos ( 32
This is lovely, don't you think? I love all the colors!

6 Amazing Sugar Skull Tattoo

Amazing Sugar Skull TattooSource: 41 Amazing Sugar Skull Tattoos
I love sugar skulls, so if I was going to get a skull tattoo, it would have some flair like this one.

7 Choose Bright Colors

Choose Bright ColorsSource: 41 Amazing Sugar Skull Tattoos
A turquoise ink tattoo? Yes, please!

8 Butterfly Girl Skull

Butterfly Girl SkullSource: 50 Cool Skull Tattoos Designs
Have you ever seen anything so unique and stunning? It would also look great with some color added.

9 Smudged Edges

Smudged EdgesSource: skull tattoo
Know what's so cool about this tattoo? It doesn't have well defined edges, which makes it look softer and less rigid.

10 Love the Colors

Love the ColorsSource: 65 Best Tattoo Designs For
When you choose a tattoo, make sure you are in love with the colors because it's a permanent decision.

11 Small Size

Small SizeSource: 41 Amazing Sugar Skull Tattoos
There's no rule that says your skull has to be huge. This small one is cool too.

12 Get a Couple's Tattoo

Get a Couple's TattooSource: Love You Forever: 10 Awesome
My husband would never go for this. Would yours?

13 Try the White Ink Trend

Try the White Ink TrendSource: 41 Amazing Sugar Skull Tattoos
White tattoo ink is trending big time right now and for a good reason. How great does this look?

14 Lots of Detail

Lots of DetailSource: 41 Amazing Sugar Skull Tattoos
This tattoo would definitely take some time, but all the work will be worth the effort.

15 Make It Big

Make It BigSource: 29 Downright Awesome Sugar Skulls
Small is great, but a big tattoo is really cool too. Love it!

16 How about a Finger Tatoo

How about a Finger TatooSource: 30+ Freaking Awesome Finger Tattoo
What do you think of this great tattoo?

17 Sexy Hip Tattoo

Sexy Hip TattooSource: 40 Sexy Hip Tattoo Designs
This tattoo is perfect because it can be hidden or you can let it shine when you rock some shorts or a bikini.

18 Can You See the Skull?

Can You See the Skull?Via 35 Urgent Time Tattoos
I like how the skull is there, but isn't the focal point of the tattoo. Cool!

19 Make It Micro

Make It MicroSource: 55+ Cute Finger Tattoos
Isn't this adorable? I love micro tattoos.

20 Top It with a Bow

Top It with a BowSource: 41 Amazing Sugar Skull Tattoos
Make your skull a girly girl with a cute bow on her head.

21 His and Hers

His and HersSource: Skull tattoos by Razvan Popescu
What fun! Do you have someone to share a matching tattoo with?

22 Abstract Design

Abstract DesignSource: Skull Tattoos by Timur Lysenko
What are your thoughts on this tattoo?

23 Peeking through

Peeking throughSource: Skull Tattoo Designs And Ideas-Skull
I love tattoos that have lots of dimension like this one.

24 More Bones

More BonesSource: Most Stunning Hand Tattoos 2013
This is fun! I like how the backbone was added. Do you?

25 In the Mirror

In the MirrorSource: Skull Tattoos by Adem Senturk
Like what you see? The vintage edge to this tattoo is really cool.

26 Ankle Tattoo

Ankle TattooSource: Skull rose tattoo - Skullspiration
What a cool way to decorate your ankle.

27 Butterfly and Skull Tattoo

Butterfly and Skull TattooSource: 50 Cool Skull Tattoos Designs
I love all the detail on this tattoo.

28 Cascade of Flowers

Cascade of FlowersSource: 50 Amazing Tattoo Pictures
Some color would makes this tattoo even more astonishing.

29 Pick Your Poison

Pick Your PoisonSource: Pick Your Poison
What isn't to like about this tattoo?

30 Galaxy Skull Tattoo

Galaxy Skull TattooSource: Skulls In Space

This is so magnificent! It's so lifelike and lovely.

Would you ever get a skull tattoo? Which one?

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