13 Gorgeous Ideas for Your Next Tattoo ...

After you first get inked you’re always on the look out for new tattoo ideas, whether you want to cover your entire body or are just interested in a few more. I have four tattoos myself and can’t wait to get another one! Tattoos aren’t as taboo as they used to be, it seems that nowadays just about everyone has at least one. From travel and music inspired ink all the way to favorite quotes, I think I have a few new tattoo ideas you’re going to love to get inked!

1. Vintage Camera Tattoo

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Whether you’re a photographer or just love collecting vintage cameras, this is a unique tattoo idea to consider. This vintage camera is amazing looking! When researching tattoo artists for your first piece, be sure to get recommendations from friends and look at actual photos of tattoos on the body and not just some drawing in a book. You are going to be inked for life, so be certain that you are happy about your decision.

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