7 Beautiful Crystals and Their Healing Properties ...


7 Beautiful Crystals and Their Healing Properties ...
7 Beautiful Crystals and Their Healing Properties ...

I first became interested in crystals and their healing properties when my mother gave me a Tiger's Eye ring as a Christmas present many moons ago. Not only do crystals make amazing accessories to set that outfit off but also, what I find most interesting, is that they have been used for centuries to heal body and mind. Stones have always been popular as protective talismans and charms and in crystal healing they can be laid out on and around the body in certain formations, depending on what areas need ‘balancing.’ It is believed that crystals can cleanse the aura, which is the energy field surrounding our body and they can also be used in meditation.

Fictional gems and stones have long been used in literature and film, for example in Tolkien's The Hobbit, the crystal of choice used to propel the narrative forward was called the Arkenstone. El Corazon was the mystical stone in one of my all time favorite films, Romancing the Stone and let’s not forget Superman’s Achilles’ Heel, kryptonite. It therefore stems from a long-held belief that they have magical and mystical powers and this is what I find most intriguing. So here are seven of my favorite crystals and their purported healing properties.

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Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye My interests in crystals actually started with a Tiger's Eye ring, which I have never taken off since my mother gave it to me. As well as being beautiful and looking exactly like - yes, you guessed it - a tiger’s eye, they are thought to be protective, grounding and uplifting and can help encourage positive emotions. Learning about this stone made me want to discover more about crystals and their healing properties.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Rose quartz has a beautiful pink tone. When used in healing, it is thought to open up the heart (not literally) and helps bring love and trust into our lives. This crystal is also linked with emotion and release. I have a tale about my experience with a piece of Rose Quartz. I went for a foot massage (my favorite pass-time) and winced in pain when my therapist placed pressure on a certain point on my foot. She then asked if I was going through any emotional turmoil and I resisted the urge to say “I’m a woman, when am I never!” I watched bemused as she 'cleansed' and 'recharged' her crystals and placed a piece of Rose Quartz on my chest. She then continued to apply pressure on the same point on my foot and lo and behold, the pain had gone. Yes I know, it's probably all psychological but I like to think there was some otherworldly reason behind it.



Amethyst Amethysts are purple in color but shades can vary from a lovely lilac to a deeper shade of purple. These crystals are thought to encourage self-control, aid sleep, calm harsh emotions and bring stability into your life. Overall they are believed to promote spiritual calm. I’ll have ten please.



Jade There are actually two crystals that are known as Jade and they both have similar healing properties: Jadeite and Nephrite. They are thought to be protective stones and are also believed to bring good luck and attract friendship, so it's no wonder they can be found on many Chinese trinkets and charms. They are believed to be emotional balancers, bringing wisdom and courage and when used in chakra healing, they are thought to remove toxins.


Black Onyx

Black Onyx This stone is believed to promote self-control. It is also thought to ease emotional stress and can be used in times of turmoil to alleviate the suffering as it is said to strengthen and support. It is also thought to help in the making of difficult decisions.

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Carnelian Carnelian stones are a deep orange to red hue and this warming colour makes them perfect to help release stress and trauma and to enhance creativity. They are also said to help increase drive and ambition. Perfect for that impending promotion!



Turquoise I love the beautiful fresh color of this stone. It reminds me of the calming color of the sea in Sardinia in Italy. In many ways, its color is linked with its healing properties, as it is believed to cool emotions. It is also said to strengthen the organs. It is no wonder that this stone was used in Renaissance Europe by gentlemen who would have them set in rings to protect them during fighting and dueling.

I love giving crystals as gifts as I can accompany it with a little tale about its healing properties, even though I have absolutely no scientific evidence to back up my claims! As with any 'alternative therapy,' I think we need to take things with a pinch of salt as I don't believe that adorning oneself with beautiful crystals, or laying them on our heart can always replace traditional forms of medicine. I do however, think they have some power but that might just be the mystic in me. What crystals do you love to wear and have you had any spiritual experiences with crystals that you’d like to share?

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I love emeralds too Christine I like the meaning behind the tigers eye though , a friend of mine needs that one !

Mmm... I need a bunch for my hubby!!

mine is Amethyst according to horoscope

I have to get the jade stone. I love the balancing and grounding the stones provide

I have tigers eye...will start to wear it from right now....

I might try it mind thing but it can't hurt to try seeing nothing in my life is working

I've got a story... Not exactly crystal one... It evolves pearl. When our daughter was 3 we decided we want a son... And only son! Later when we been to India, priest there gave me pearl silver ring( apparently pearls only release thei power when they in silver) to wear on my right mid finger... In order to conceive a boy... And ta-da! 9 something month later we had a boy! So don't know whether coincidence or did it really work..

C'est ma couleur préférée depuis que je suis BÉBÉ.

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