20 Practical Ways You Can Help save the Planet ...


If you have read some of my previous posts, you will know I am a bit of an eco warrior (a very mild-mannered one). I am passionate that we should all save the planet, and it is actually a lot easier than you might imagine. If we all do our own little bit, no matter how tiny, it will all go towards helping save the planet. Most of you won’t notice minor changes, and they won’t impinge on your quality of life, but they will help future generations. Our world is a stunning masterpiece of creation and it is only us humans that are spoiling it. Please read on for 20 Practical Ways You Can Help Save the Planet:

1. Turn down the Heat

Energy generation is one of the major things sapping our planet’s resources, and in so many ways. Not only do we use up natural resources but in the creation of energy we are producing outputs noxious to our environment. One of the easiest ways to help the environment is to manage your heating. By this I mean anything in your home that has a thermostat – your heating and your hot water boiler. How many of you have your hot water coming out of the taps at a temperature you can’t even put your finger in for a few seconds? When do you ever need water that hot? The ideal temperature for hot water heaters is 140 degrees F. If yours is any higher, turn it down – now! Job well done. When you turn on the heating in the winter, drop it by a couple of degrees and also, check your fridge temperature – is it too cold? Not only are you helping save the planet, but you’ll save on your energy bills.

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