10 Top Cleaning Tips from Mums and Grannies ...


If you spend hours doing housework you could probably do with some top cleaning tips. If you have a grandmother or another female relative of a certain age, they are a mine of little treasures about cleaning. Even though they may use as many chemical products straight off the shelves these days as us younger ones, they have certain tricks and top cleaning tips that have stuck with them for years and which they’ll always use. Next time you visit Granny, ask her advice for some top cleaning tips and you’ll get that housework done in no time.

1. Supplies to Hand

One of the top cleaning tips I have heard (and this was from my own grandmother) is to keep a selection of cleaning supplies in each suitable room. Part of the pain of housework is the carting of creams, and polishes, and cloths, and dusters, and brushes etc., from room to room. If you have a cleaning bucket in the kitchen, bathroom, and similar rooms, there’ll be more motivation to clean more often and it will be over more quickly.

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