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There are ways to make the bathroom eco-friendly that will help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. Although one of the smallest rooms of the house, it can be one of the busiest and hardest working and, as such, it can have a huge impact on the environment if attention isn’t paid to water use, chemicals and even the fittings. If you want to take a look at how to be more environmentally conscious at home, here’s some ways to make the bathroom eco-friendly.

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Use Sustainable Towels

One of the best ways to make the bathroom eco-friendly is to switch your cotton towels for bamboo towels. This is because they are completely made from natural bamboo, they are luxuriously soft and silky, and they absorb water much better than regular cotton towels. Shoo Foo is a popular supplier of organic bamboo towels and they have a passion for helping the environment.


Use Natural Deodorant

Spray anti-perspirants have ingredients in them that are not kind to the environment. They used to be much worse when they were filled with CFCs, but even today they are still not great. You might think that natural products aren’t as effective, but don’t worry, you can find many natural deodorants which work just as well as the leading deodorant and anti-perspirant brands. One example is Wind Salt – it gives you 24 hours of protection against sweat and odor, and one stick can last a whole year!


Limit Your Shower Water

It might help save water when you take a shower instead of a bath, but certain showers still waste plenty of water. Flow restrictors, or flow regulators, are cheap little gadgets which you can connect to any shower hose to reduce the flow of water. There are also shower timers available which alert you when you have used up a certain amount of water. If you are thinking of buying a new shower, make sure you check out special water-saving shower heads. These are useful ways to make the bathroom more eco-friendly, protect the environment and help save money on water bills.


Buy Non-toxic Shower Curtains

Most people pay no consideration to the material of their shower curtain, but they should because many shower curtains are made from toxic materials – like vinyl. They pollute the air while they are being manufactured and they damage the environment when they are thrown away. Many are not made from toxic materials, but are still made from non-recyclables – you can do better than that! There are many eco shower curtains available, which are made from completely recycled materials and are fully biodegradable, so when you throw them away they will degrade naturally.


Create Your Own Cleaning Supplies

There are an amazing number of eco cleaning products and hygiene products that you can make with household materials, from effective household cleaners to makeup remover and even shaving cream and bath salts. National Geographic has a Green Living hub to give you tips on going green and helping the environment – their homemade organic stain remover guide is a great place to start. You will be amazed at just how many things you can create yourself!

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Use a Toilet Water Saver

Of all the ways to make your bathroom eco-friendly, reducing the amount of water your toilet uses with a water saver gives the best results for the smallest price and effort. There are a number of different water-saving devices for your toilet, and they are low cost and very easy to install. They fit inside the cistern, and they work by reducing the amount of water that fills up in the cistern every time you flush. This will help you save money on water and reduce your carbon footprint.


Use Natural Soaps

This is one of the easiest ways to make your bathroom eco-friendly. The fact is, why buy soaps that are great for your skin when you can buy soaps that are great for your skin and the environment? You might think that eco-friendly soaps are expensive, but there are many high quality natural soaps with 100% natural ingredients that are surprisingly affordable – plus they last longer than value brands. (Try scentualsbodycare.com.)

These ways to be more green-conscious at home aren’t onerous or expensive. In fact, some of these ways to make your bathroom more eco-friendly will actually save you money. Please share any more ideas you have.

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