11 Pinterest Boards You Would Love to Follow ...

By Hirva

Most of us are addicted to Pinterest, right? In fact, for a lot of us, our days are incomplete without a little Pinterest therapy. So, here's guest contributor Hirva with her favorite Pinterest boards. Is yours on the list?

Pinterest is the third largest social media platform after Facebook and Twitter. It allows showcasing your inspirations, managing theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, craft works, places and much more. You can create your own boards, upload pictures or videos; follow other’s boards with similar taste, repin, comment or like images. Today I would like to share with you some cool and amazing Pinterest boards which you shall love to follow.

1 Beautiful Beaches

Beautiful Beaches pinterest.com

What is the best place to go for holidays? If your answer is a beach then you will love this board. This board has amazing pins of famous beaches and the likes. So to follow your dream destination add this board to your list.

2 Nail Me

Nail Me pinterest.com

Love nail painting? You will go gaga over this board. It has wonderful pins of nail art designs that will have you turning your nails into a creative canvas. This board truly shows breathtaking creativity.

3 Inspire Me to Inspire You

Inspire Me to Inspire You pinterest.com

This board has a nice collection of inspirational quotes. Inspirational quotes lift your spirits and fill your lives with much needed energy. Follow this board to start your day with a positive attitude.

4 Bachelor Recipes

Bachelor Recipes pinterest.com

Are you a fan of food and love to cook quick and delicious recipes? This board has splendid pins of sandwiches, deserts, juices, chocolates, cakes, pies, tarts, noodles… all mouth watering delicacies!

5 Purr-fect

Purr-fect pinterest.com

Those who are big fans of ANIMALS, please start following this board immediately. Incredible and lovely pics of animals and birds have been pinned on to this board. Unlike other animal boards here you shall find animals in their unique poses with human like expressions!

6 Style Guide

Style Guide pinterest.com

A true style guide board for women. It has pins of amazing combinations of clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. It also has tips, style mishmash for work, wedding, holiday, events and celebrations. Follow the board and get wonderful styling ideas every day.

7 White

White pinterest.com

An interesting board that has all white pins. Here you see pins of clothes, candles, shoes, accessories, interiors, lamps all which are white. A different unique board that I'm sure you will love.

8 Ease My Wardrobe – Wardrobe Organizer App

Ease My Wardrobe – Wardrobe Organizer App pinterest.com

The board has colorful, live and spectacular pins of wardrobe, closet organizers, jewelry organization tips, shoes organization, wardrobe organization in minimal space and much more. You will get interesting ideas on how you can manage your closet.

9 Hair

Hair pinterest.com

AWS has a cool board which you should definitely follow– Hair. It has health tips on hair, hair styling instructions and steps; hair cut guides and information on hair products.

10 Craft Ideas

Craft Ideas pinterest.com

Craft crazy? Like to do DYI things at home? Check out this board for recycling ideas on how you can create many useful things out of old and unused home items.

11 Closet Design Ideas

Closet Design Ideas pinterest.com

Find some staggering closet interiors pinned up on this cool board. This collection composes of some unique closet design ideas which will inspire you. Beautiful pictures of closet doors, interior matching closet, walk in closet designs and many others which will surely amaze you.

Pinterest gives you a platform where you can express your ideas, creativity and share what you love. So what are you waiting for? Start following the boards you love and grow your collection.

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