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Social media is one of the best ways to connect with other to help your blog or business grow, with the many ways to use Pinterest being one of the best and most efficient of all. Many of us know that spreading word about a blog or business via Facebook or Twitter is an easy way to reach out through social media, but to expand upon the networking magic that the Internet can bring, try implementing Pinterest into your marketing plan as well. There are many ways to use Pinterest to market your blog or business without asking people to directly visit your site, or buy your products. Check out these simple tools and start today!

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Join Boards That Fit Your Brand

One of the easiest ways to use Pinterest to market your blog or business is to join groups and follow boards that fit with your brand. For instance, if you’re a health blogger or craft blogger, join groups that share blog posts about health topics or craft projects. Also, follow as many boards as you can in these areas, and be sure to regularly posts new pins about your own blog or business so these boards will see your new updates. Networking through common interest on Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to get the word out without being pushy.


Pin at Least Once a Day

No one likes their Pinterest feed to be bombarded with sales tactics or ads, and I always hate seeing bloggers or businesses who post sales schemes repetitively into my feed. Often, this makes me unsubscribe to their Pinterest account completely. So, instead of overdoing it, pin something once per day at least, but don't offer a direct sale. It doesn’t even have to be regarding your blog or business, and could simply be a pin you found and enjoy. This needs to be authentic, but is a great way to bring people back to your page. Feel free to share new updates or posts this way, but never post the same thing more than once a day. The number one reason pinning something at least once per day is so effective, is because being active on Pinterest without selling directly is a great way to bring people back to your boards and get them to follow you.


Share New Posts through Pinterest

If you have a business or blog, be sure to share each new post you have through Pinterest. 90% of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest and I only post new posts once, never more. I also suggest creating a board directly dedicated to your new business updates or blog posts so you can pin them all in the same place for ease of use and reference.


Rearrange Your Boards

Another thing you’ll want to do is take a look at the order of your boards, which you can edit at any time. Make sure your blog or business boards are one of the first three, preferably the first board, on your Pinterest profile page where your boards are located. If it happens to be at the bottom, someone may never see the board at all, especially if they just follow one or two of your boards and not all of them. Drag your business or blog board with all your posts and updates to the very top so it is right under your profile picture.


Get a New Profile Picture

If you want to use a personal photograph for your Pinterest picture, that isn’t a bad thing, but reconsider it if you want to enhance your business or blog’s success on Pinterest. Consider using your logo as your profile picture instead of your personal picture. This will help new people to your Pinterest profile recognize your business or blog better if they don't know you personally, or are new to your blog or business. This also optimizes your opportunity to be followed if someone searches your business or blog on Pinterest.


Create an Entire New Pinterest Profile

Some people prefer to keep their personal Pinterest page and business or blog Pinterest page separate, which is a great idea. Create an account for solely your business or blog if you want to focus your blog or business’s Pinterest page to marketing only, and don’t want it to interfere with your own feed.


Ask People to Follow You

Lastly, don’t be shy! Ask people to follow you on Pinterest on your blog or business website. You can even create an automatic signature for the end of each post that says something like, “Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest to get the latest updates!” Here you should have a direct link to your Pinterest account for your blog or business, or your personal profile if you only use one account. Also, be sure to install a Pinterest button at the top of your blog and a “Pin It” button so others can easily find you on Pinterest and share your posts. These tools are all available on the Pinterest website with instructions, which are super simple.

Pinterest is such a fun way to market your blog or business without being overbearing. It is also a great place to meet others in the same area or industry and get new ideas! I’ve found some of the most amazing women and ideas through Pinterest this way myself. Do you have any tips for marketing a business or blog on Pinterest?

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