7 Ways to Gain More Tumblr Followers ...


7 Ways to Gain More Tumblr Followers ...
7 Ways to Gain More Tumblr Followers ...

If you’re not happy with your activity graph, there are ways to gain more Tumblr followers. You don’t have to change your blog completely, but you can make some minor changes. You can raise your follower count by using these ways to gain more Tumblr followers. In the end, all that matters is that you have a blog that you’re proud of!

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New Content

It’s fun and easy to reblog what you see on your dash, but you’re not contributing anything new to the website. Your followers could be seeing the same material from a dozen other blogs. One of the ways to gain more Tumblr followers is by creating new content for people to admire. You can draw, create witty text posts, or learn how to make GIF sets. By adding your own fresh material to your blog, more people will want to follow you to see what you come up with next.


Cute Theme

Your choice of theme is an important part of Tumblr. If someone looks at your page and sees how messy it is, they could be turned off. Look up HTML codes and try to do something fancy and unique with your blog. Just be careful with adding crazy effects or autoplay, because some people will frown upon it. You want your blog to look interesting and inviting, so that others will want jump at the chance of following you.


Keep It Cohesive

You don’t have to limit your blog to one specific show or celebrity. However, it helps to have a general topic so that your followers know what they’re getting. Whether you’ve a humor or inspirational blog, post it in your ‘about me’ section. If you reblog items from the same few shows, mention what they are. If your followers keep seeing random stuff from you, you might end up losing them.


Don’t Forget to Tag

Whenever you post or reblog something, tag it, especially if spoilers are involved. Your tags can be informative, so that they’re easy to find in a search bar, or they can be funny in order to entertain your followers. Just don’t go overboard with your tags. You don’t want to use every word in the English language to describe your post. Use just enough tags that anyone who searches for something related to your post will find it.


Ask Box

Everyone likes seeing their ask box full of questions and comments. If you’re a fan of a specific blog, tell them. They might end up following you back or putting you on a list of their favorite blogs. Even if you don’t gain any new followers, you could gain a new friend. So don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation!


Update with Caution

You don’t want to spam anyone’s dash with your posts. If others don’t like what you’re posting, then it’s a quick way to lose followers. However, you don’t want to stop posting for weeks on end. If someone realizes that they’re following a blog that never updates, then why should they continue following you? Try to strike a balance between constantly updating and going M.I.A.


Mention It

If you go on Omegle or another social networking site, mention your Tumblr page. If you’re not shy, you could even mention it to your friends. Don’t bring it up randomly, but mention it to anyone who has something in common with you. If you know that they’ll enjoy seeing your posts, you might as well tell them about it. Who knows? They could be the owner of your new favorite blog.

If you want to gain followers, try out these simple tips. Do you have a Tumblr? What’s your URL?

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Well, I guess this is a way to attract more tumblr followers...lols

I have a Tumblr and I would like to change my theme but idk how. Can someone help me?

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