8 Amazingly Charming Craft Blogs to Stalk ...


8 Amazingly Charming Craft Blogs to Stalk ...
8 Amazingly Charming Craft Blogs to Stalk ...

Crafting is an amazing way to get your creative energies buzzing and these 8 amazingly charming craft blogs to stalk have just the thing you need to feel inspired. Let's get started... check them out, get crafting and get busy!

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Dollar Store Crafts at dollarstorecrafts.com

Dollar Store Crafts is hands down one of my top favorite craft blogs. Who knew so much crafty madness could be created with the most random crap from dollar stores. These crafters are excellent at turning meaningless junk into works of art and decor. And, because everything comes from the dollar store, it's cheap!


One Pretty Thing at oneprettything.com

Everyday Rachel at One Pretty Thing searches the Internet community of craft blogs and forums to bring her readers a list crafts. How awesome is it that she does all that work for her readers? It sure saves time looking for that stuff yourself, and the less time you have to spend scouring the web for crafty ideas the more time you can spend creating and crafting.


U Create at u-createcrafts.com

Kari started her craft blog, Ucreate in 2008. Her goal is to inspire other crafters with brilliance by sharing the current trends in crafts. She is joined by fellow crafty friend Becky who uses crafts as a way to encourage creativity and imagine through crafting with her children.


Crafterella at crafterella.com

Crafterella’s Korinne brings her own unique touch to craft blogs. She has a motto of always trying to do things herself first before calling in a professional, of course somethings are off limits. Wouldn’t want to fry those creative brain cells in an electrical mishap. None the less Crafterella is a site worth stalking for edgy and fun crafts.


Mod Podge Rocks at modpodgerocksblog.com

Amy at Mod Podge Rocks wants to decoupage your world. She joins the craft blogs with her sticky glue, sealer, and finish ideas to make crafty readers think outside the box. Her site offers a great tutorial to get started in with Mod Podge.


The Crafty Crow at thecraftycrow.net

Cassi created The Crafty Crow to keep track of all the wonderful kid craft ideas she found on craft blogs across the Internet. She is a busy mother of three home-schooled children. The ideas listed are endless and easily navigated to find age and theme appropriate crafts for your kiddo.


Sugar Bee Crafts at sugarbeecrafts.com

Mandy is so passionate for crafting she had to create her own craft blog, Sugar Bee Crafts. Here she shares a multitude of crafting genius. You can find crafts of all sorts, such as sewing, home decor and kid's crafts.


Mandy's love for DIY projects radiates through each post, ensuring inspiration flows abundantly for readers looking to add a personal touch to their surroundings. Whether it’s a beginner looking to take their first steps or an experienced crafter seeking sophisticated challenges, Sugar Bee Crafts caters to all skill levels. With her easy-to-follow tutorials and enticing photography, diving into your next project will be as sweet as honey. Plus, the printable patterns and actionable tips make crafting more accessible than ever. Join her community and bring a dash of handmade charm into your life.


Craftbits at craftbits.com

Craftbits started in 1999 as a mother and daughter crafting duo. Each with their own style and flair to add to the craft blogs community. With such a long history on the Internet and new creative flowing in daily this is a very important craft blog to stalk.

What do you think about some of the craft blogs on my list of 8 amazingly charming craft blogs to stalk? Did you find any that meet your crafting style that you will start checking in on?

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