The 7 Struggles Only People Who Live in a City Will Understand ...


The 7 Struggles Only People Who Live in a City Will Understand ...
The 7 Struggles Only People Who Live in a City Will Understand ...

City people out here, unite! How many of you have spent some time in the country and realized that you're getting deaf with the eerie silence or the utter lack of honking automobiles? Well, find more struggles below that only city people can understand and relate to:

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Traffic Means Not Moving for 30 Minutes to an Hour

Traffic Means Not Moving for 30 Minutes to an Hour It could be longer when bad luck really plays annoying tricks on your shiny stilettos! You whine about the unbearable traffic all the time but then you know too well that it's part of the city life you chose. You tell yourself that tomorrow you will wake up two hours earlier than usual so you can breeze through the road without getting your hairdo messed up. But at the end of the day, you end up in a bar for a drink or two and the next thing you know, you're home past midnight and it hits you... you won't be able to wake up early. Early morning plan crashed!


'There is Not Much Concrete or Cement around Here'

'There is Not Much Concrete or Cement around Here' When Janice moved to Montana from New York, the first line she uttered was, "Oh my gosh. There's not much concrete around here!" She grew up in a city where "cement" is everywhere and it was hard to imagine how she would live a life surrounded by trees, forests, and mountains. A concrete jungle like New York was so different from the countryside that was Montana.


Dinner Means Takeout

Dinner Means Takeout The city life is a fast-paced life so when you think about leaving the comforts of your country-style home (or your parents' house), get ready to accept the fact that dinner means takeout. Everything moves so fast in the big city that even sitting down to eat can be considered a luxury. With the unavoidable traffic jam, you have little time left to cook so you praise the heavens for fast food and smile at the cashier as she hands you that paper bag of fries and burgers. While you're eating your dinner, you think about Mom's home-cooked meals and you suddenly get sentimental for not thanking her enough for the great dishes she cooked for the family.


Breakfast Means Waiting in Line at Starbucks

Breakfast Means Waiting in Line at Starbucks Your stomach is screaming for food or at least something hot to settle the gastric juices down but you only have 10 minutes to grab something because you're almost late (remember, you didn't wake up early?)! Forget a breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs, and crispy bacon strips because with city life, Starbucks and its whole line of wraps and sandwiches will now be your constant morning companion. Oh, don't forget the coffee!


Forget Personal Space in the Subway

Forget Personal Space in the Subway Don't even think about it because the moment you step in the subway, you've already given up the idea of personal space. Just pray that you can't smell what the man next to you had for dinner or you'll have to stop breathing for the rest of the journey.


Nature Equals a Zoo

Nature Equals a Zoo Fancy a weekend with Mother Nature? Well, you can go to the park but for most city people, the zoo is the ultimate destination. Of course you can pack your bags and head somewhere with glacier parks and real mountains where you can hike for a day or two. But who has the time when your job requires you to be in the office at 8:00 a.m. on Monday? Unless... you file for a vacation leave. Now that's another story...


Slowing down is a Thing of the past

Slowing down is a Thing of the past Because everything changes at the snap of one's fingers, there is very little opportunity to slow down. You even have to fight your way to get a cab! You blink once and the world has changed. There is no room for complacency in the city. You need to be alert, vigilant, and always on the lookout for anything. You don't want to lose your wallet in the subway.

Who among here moved from the city to the countryside or vice versa? How did you adjust to the change in lifestyle?

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Yup this article is on point. I live in nyc and these are everyday struggles. I can't even count how many times I've held my breathing on the subway because of unpleasant odors lol.

Yes,breakfast lunch dinner means takeout,I suddenly feel deeply appreciate my mom cook for us,and always miss my home cook foods ,see,a lot tear to live in a big city like Beijing

I enjoy living in my big, big city with all the museums, galleries, theaters, etc. a big city has, but the traffic sometimes drives me completely nuts indeed, even more when it rains or there's one of too many public demonstrations.

Yes living in the city makes you feel like you can't take a breathe one is always on the move.

I wish I lived in it there

Yes! I live in LA and the train smells like a mystery lol

The smell of pollution normal for city people.

Sounds terrible but I'm sure there are loads of perks

And yes,the smell of crowed ppl is horrible sometimes

As a larger medium sized city girl, only the train one is true for me, traffic too but I don't drive. Where I am there's tons of parks and nature, but it's got buildings all around it. And I don't know why you would need takeout? I mean I don't get home till nearly 8pm but I still take my 20 minutes to cook something and my 10 minutes to eat breakfast in the morning.

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