Its Not Impossible - How to Make Friends as a Grownup ...

By Alicia

Its Not Impossible  - How to Make Friends as a Grownup  ...

Making friends as a grownup isn’t as easy as when you were a kid. You can’t just jump on the swing next to someone and decide to be best friends. But you can still form lasting and meaningful friendships as an adult. These’re the tips you need to make friends as a grownup.

Table of contents:

  1. be friendly!
  2. get out more
  3. strike up conversations
  4. initiate plans
  5. join a club or take a class
  6. make friends through your kids
  7. give it time

1 Be Friendly!

First and foremost, if you’re looking for some new friends then make a conscious effort to be friendly. 😊 It’s so easy to get into the routine of your life that you forget to take time for others around you. Life can be very rush-rush. You have to take time to be friendly in order to open the door to possible friendships.

2 Get out More

You’re not going to find that group of girlfriends you want if you’re always home in your pajamas watching Netflix. I know it’s tempting to hang out on the couch rather than make plans. But getting out is going to give you more opportunities to make friends. Go out to dinner with your sister or hit the mall by yourself. You never know when a simple conversation can turn into a friendship.

3 Strike up Conversations

This can be very hard, especially if you’re an introvert. It can feel physically painful to strike up a conversation with a stranger. But friendships can be hiding behind simple conversations; you just have to look for them. Complimenting someone is always a good way to start a conversation. Before long, the girl that sits in front of you in your 9 o’clock class could be the friend you always grab lunch 🍕 with.

4 Initiate Plans

Another difficult thing for some people is initiating plans. For others, it’s fun and exciting. Either way, initiating plans the first time can turn into a long-term friendship so it’s worth putting yourself out there. It can be as simple as asking a new acquaintance if they’d like to chat over coffee. If they don’t seem interested then shrug it off and move on.

5 Join a Club or Take a Class

Anything that provides social interaction is an opportunity for friendships to form. Of course you don’t want to join anything just for the chance to make some friends. Find something you’re truly interested in. Not only will it be more fun for you but you’ll have a better chance of making friends because you’re excited about what you’re doing instead of dragging in feeling bored. Things like book clubs, pottery classes or even spin classes 🚴are some examples of things you could join.

6 Make Friends through Your Kids

Having children opens up a new world when it comes to making friends. This’s a good thing, especially since many of your old friendships change when you have children. It’s not unusual to drift apart from friends who are still in the single scene and childless. It’s good to keep up your old friendships but it’s good to have some new friends who’re also in the trenches of motherhood. Play dates, pediatrician appointments and the local park are great places to meet fellow moms.

7 Give It Time

Lastly, give it time. Friendships take time to develop. You may be only acquaintances for awhile and that’s okay. You can put the signal out there that you’d love to be friends but you can’t force it. But stay with it and you’ll find people who’re hoping to make some friends, too.

These’re some tips to help you make friends as a grownup. Have you made any new friends recently? How did your friendships come about?

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