37 Ways That You Might Be Weird ...

By Holly

Being weird isn't a bad thing. It's what makes you unique! After all, some "weird" traits are actually positive traits. For instance, did you know that only 10% of people enjoy public speaking? If you're the odd one out, and actually enjoy it, then that's a great thing, because it could help you succeed in life.

You're also "weird" if you practice meditation and throw your pets a birthday party, because those activities aren't as common as you'd think. Here are a few other ways that you might be weird:

Are you weird in any of these positive ways?

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Really entertaining. And, yes, I'm weird.

Nothing wrong with being weird

I am definitely one that does not enjoy public speaking. I want so much to get better at this. 😳

I missed 5

I'm Weird toO :@