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These Weird Things Always Happen between New BFFs ...

By Heather

Best friends have a special relationship, to say the very least. New best friends, in particular, are often wide open with each other. Even if you only just met, you just feel the click of your friendship right away. You're so excited that you met your soulmate, you just drop all your walls – and besides, it immediately feels like you've known each other forever, anyway. Your friendship won't lessen as your new friendship gets older, but the things that seemed weird in the beginning will soon be old hat. It won't be strange that you happily share clothes, pluck each other's stray hairs, or speak your own language.

1 Your Initial Meeting Seems Uncanny and Fated and Somehow Meant to Be

person, finger, showgirl, toy, yeahdisney, Like you were just destined to find each other in this big, wide world, right at the perfect moment.

2 You're Able to Communicate Using Only Your Eyes

hair, yellow, human action, hairstyle, sunglasses, One roll of the eyes, one wink, one smirk, and you both know exactly what's being said.

3 Or You Come up with Your Own Secret Language out of Nowhere

meal, And you use it to talk about other people right in front of them, of course.

4 You Keep Discovering All These Weird Things You Have in Common

person, woman, facial expression, human action, singing, Things you didn't think anyone else in the world could possibly understand, and yet, your new BFF is totally with you.

5 You Send Each Other Selfies from the Strangest Places

person, Like in the bathroom, while you're … you know, doing your bathroom business.

6 You do All Sorts of Gross Things for Each Other

She'll pop the pimple behind your ear, you'll pluck the bristly little hairs from her chin, and neither of you will ever tell a soul.

7 You'll Shamelessly Request the Most Ridiculous Things from Each Other

hair, person, facial expression, emotion, You're not ashamed to ask for a Facebook like or a retweet, for instance.

8 You'll Text Each Other when You're in the Same Room

art, singing, stage, You know, to keep everything totally on the down low.

9 You Have a Group Chat for Just the Two of You

hair, person, black hair, hairstyle, singing, It's really just a glorified text message, but whatever, that's cool.

10 You Reach Each Other's Texts and Tell the Other Person What to Say

woman, blond, finger, hand, thumb, She'll show you texts from her office nemesis, you show her texts from your boyfriend, and together you come up with perfect answers.

11 You Come up with the Oddest Possible Nicknames Ever

person, black and white, model, supermodel, film noir, When we first met, Lyndsie called me panda bear face and I called her koala bear face.

12 You Send Each Other Snaps of Your OOTD

hair, hairstyle, singing, disco, e're, And you each know that the other person will provide a completely honest opinion.

13 You Frequently Start Laughing for Absolutely No Reason

person, pianist, piano, keyboard, profession, And it lasts and lasts and lasts until your cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

14 You'll Social Media Stalk People Together

black and white, portrait, model, asaaesame, It'll be the most random people, too: like your crush from tenth grade.

15 Your Texts Are Full of Your Own Hieroglyphic Emoji Language

Your Texts Are Full of Your Own Hieroglyphic Emoji Language No one reading your texts between each other can even remotely understand what you're saying.

16 And Those Texts Frequently Come in the Middle of the Night

person, woman, human action, emotion, love, Because that's just the way you roll with each other.

17 You'll do All Sorts of Unmentionable Things in Front of Each Other

film, document, film noir, You know, like peeing – no shame.

What weird things do you and your BFF do? 'Fess up in the comments!

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