7 Most Relaxing Paint Colors for Your Bedroom ...


7 Most Relaxing Paint Colors for Your Bedroom ...
7 Most Relaxing Paint Colors for Your Bedroom ...

Colors are a form of non-verbal communication that can set a mood, convey an emotion or inspire people so why not choose relaxing paint colors for your bedroom. Designers spend so much time and effort into choosing colors because they know the psychology of them. That’s why a bedroom looks so great after a designer has finished it. So why not steal some of their knowledge and use it for yourself when choosing relaxing paint colors for your bedroom.

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Bright Green

This happens to be the current color of my bedroom and I have to say I love it! I always feel as if I am walking into a forest when stepping inside. I can just lie down on my bed and imagine the sounds of the wind, the trees, and the birds. Bright green has a positive energy that is associated with freshness, grass, lively, spring and lush. All these moods could help anyone relax peacefully making it one of the most relaxing paint colors for your bedroom.


Deep Purple

The color of the royals. In fact, Queen Elizabeth I forbid anyone to wear this color except close members of the royal family. Purple received its elite status because of the cost and rarity of the dye. Other then having the status of royalty, purple has many different meanings visionary, rich and prestigious. If you want to feel superior and relaxing, then deep purple is the color to paint your bedroom.



Whenever I see a bedroom painted with white walls, I am always instantly jealous because I know I could never pull them off. People who paint their walls white have this inner modern designer living within them. Secretly telling them all the wonderful ways to pull off a bedroom with white walls. Making the room relaxing, modern and chic. The feel of the room is always so pristine, spotless, airy, clear and bright. Why can’t I have an inner modern designer?


Bright Blue

Bright blue gives a room that feeling of coolness and water. Blue has always been one of my favorite colors but who doesn’t like blue? It is such a lovable color. Meaning electric, energy, vibrant, impressive and exhilarating. Bright blue would be perfect for helping you relax and gain some newfound energy.


Light Yellow

Light yellow is that soft yellow that can make a room feel relaxing and sunny without the brightness. Everyone likes going outside and laying out underneath the sun. Unfortunately for some people the sun doesn’t like them very much. They get easily burnt. If you happen to be one of them, then painting your bedroom a light yellow will allow the sun without the burns. Positive, happiness and sunny are the energies that light yellow emits to everyone.



The color of the sea, this rich color expresses positive energies of infinity, compassion, protectiveness and faithfulness. If your an ocean lover or happen to live close to the sea, then turquoise is the color for you. You can imagine yourself swimming in the ocean or the waves crashing up against the shore.



Peach reminds me of how tasty peaches can be. Peach is a color that allows you to have that pink hue without the boldness. Bright pinks or dark pinks are considered to be aggressive because of how bold they are. Peach still allows you to have a pink room but in a more relaxing way. Peach color meaning is nurturing, soft, warm, inviting and comfort.

Do you give much thought into colors when picking them out for your bedroom? I know I never did, I just chose a favorite. One color I knew I could look at for a while until I decided to paint it something else. What do you think of the paint colors and their relaxing moods and energies?

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I am painting my room white and bright blue with grey Accent furniture


I love the colors

Ew I hate yellow

Mines white and it looks amazing!!!! :D

I think green or turquoise are both beautiful colors for a bedroom.

I think I'm going to go with the peach. I always thought any shade if orange would be decent. I want to walk into my domain and feel safe and comfortable.

Lavender / Light purple

Mine is lavender and I love how it looks during the morning... I think the name of paint was luscious lavender

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