10 Marvelous DIY Mid-Century Modern Home Projects ...

DIY Mid-Century Modern Home Projects are ways for you to enjoy this design era without spending tons of money. Because trust us, the genuine MCM pieces that you can find out there will cost you an arm, a leg, and other body parts you might not want to part with. So what do we do? We go the always-fun DIY route. The following DIY mid-century modern projects range from simple to complicated. Some of these are for making furniture. There are some, however, that will take only a few steps. Let's check them out!

1. George Nelson Case Study Bed

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This particular project shows you how you can construct your own platform bed with hairpin legs. If there is one design element that you can find in many MCM pieces, it's the hairpin leg. According to the creative lady who came up with this idea, they spent only $350 for making this beautiful bed. Not bad considering reproductions of MCM beds cost more than $1000.


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