10 Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls Who Can't Decide ...


10 Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls Who Can't Decide  ...
10 Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls Who Can't Decide  ...

There are so many Halloween costumes for girls who can't decide what to be this year.

Are you excited for Halloween? So am I! The question is, have you decided on a custom? Well, I know the struggle because I myself find it so hard to choose one. Nonetheless, I’ve rounded up ten of my favorite Halloween customs to make it easy for you to decide. If you still don't have a clue what to wear, here are some awesome Halloween costumes for girls who can't decide.

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face, blue, head, cobalt blue, electric blue, If you’re that kind of girl who is mysterious and you are empowered with glamour and romance, Mystique is a wonderful costume idea for you. In fact, it's my favorite of the many Halloween costumes for girls who can't decide.



red, clothing, joint, shoulder, thigh, Do you love eating crabs? Well, why not make it a Halloween costume? Sounds funny right? If you are humorous and you laugh until you snort, choose a crab as your costume this year.



fashion model, beauty, fashion, neck, black hair, Bring up your darkor angelic side this Halloween with the black or white swan.



product design, product, Are you obsessed with video games? Go ahead and choose your favorite video game series as your costume!



eyebrow, face, lip, nose, cheek, Do you want to scare your friends on Halloween? Why not to creep them out with an Annabelle getup?


Snow Queen

eyebrow, face, beauty, human hair color, lip, Most people dress like queens that don’t look unique. Try being a snow queen for something really different.


Extraterrestrial Mermaid

face, eyebrow, beauty, head, eye, I’ll bet this will be the hottest and the best Halloween costume this year. Why not give a try?



human hair color, blond, eyebrow, mouth, selfie, If you’re a makeup enthusiast, there’s absolutely nothing better than a gypsy’s makeup!


Daenerys Targaryen

outerwear, fashion, fashion model, girl, coat, Who else isobsessed with Daenerys’ character in Games of Thrones? The best thing about this costume is its simplicity.



eyebrow, beauty, black hair, eyelash, lip, Are you a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean? With this costume, I’ll bet Jack Sparrow will be searching for you!

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