10 Cool Gender-bending Halloween Costume Ideas ...


10 Cool Gender-bending Halloween Costume Ideas ...
10 Cool Gender-bending Halloween Costume Ideas ...

Are you looking for some gender bending Halloween costume ideas? How many of you love the fall season and all that comes with it? Well, Halloween is quickly approaching and many are still trying to decide on the perfect costume for the festivities. I am one of those people. Have you decided what you will be this year? If not maybe this list of 10 gender bending Halloween costume ideas with help you make your final decision.

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face, eyebrow, head, mouth, black hair, Who wouldn’t want to be a female Joker? I know so many people dress up as Harley Quinn. But why not mix it up this year and go as a female version of the Joker. Gender bent costumes are always super fun to do as you can loosely follow the overall look of the character, but you have much more creative freedom with the outfit. Think purple and green as the color scheme for this costume. This is one of my favorite gender bending Halloween costume ideas.



fetish model, black hair, latex clothing, long hair, brown hair, Anyone a Walking Dead fan? If so, why wouldn’t you want to be the most loved and hated villain of all Walking Dead history? Negan is both sexy and evil. This is a character you could have a lot of fun with dressing as a female version. Just make sure to have the leather jacket, red scarf, and Lucille the bat.


Mad Hatter

clown, costume, hatter, Now this one I am sure almost everyone has seen done. The Mad Hatter is a go to gender bender costume for Halloween. Not only because of how iconic this character is but the costume ideas are almost endless. You could dress like the book, animated movie, live action movie, or your own version.


Jack Sparrow

eyebrow, beauty, black hair, eyelash, brown hair, Who has seen any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies? I am sure you’ve seen at least one and found yourself becoming obsessed with this pirate. This is another fun character to dress up as a female version. Make sure to get your drunken swagger down before you hit the town in this costume. Make sure to have a compass with this costume. You simply cannot be Jack Sparrow without the famous compass. Also, if you are really dedicated to the look, see if you can find any temporary tattoos that are similar to the character’s.


Ash Ketchum

fashion accessory, headgear, black hair, arm, long hair, Any Pokémon fans in the audience? If so, I know you know who this famous character is. Make sure if you do this character to keep the hat, gloves, backpack, and of course your own stuffed Pikachu for the ride. Ash is an easy character to make into a female.


Darth Vader

outerwear, long hair, personal protective equipment, jeans, girl, As a huge Star Wars fan, I might take this idea for myself! A female Darth Vader look for Halloween will make the dark side flow through you. The mask is the most crucial part of this costume. Invest is a long black cape and maybe some black leather.


Jon Snow

fur clothing, fur, black hair, girl, outerwear, Game of Thrones anyone? This could be a more difficult gender bender costume idea, but with the right amount of time and research I am sure anyone can pull this off. Just remember, always look brooding. Winter is coming my friends. Do not forget the sword and the outfit should consist of black with more black.



hairstyle, black hair, girl, brown hair, long hair, Any X-men viewers here? Well if so, then maybe a female Gambit is the choice for you. If you don’t have a Louisiana accent, get to practicing. While you are at it, buy a deck of cards. This character has so much potential in the outfit department. Consider getting a long brown trench coat and some type of pink shirt. Also, don’t forget a silver staff.


Sherlock Holmes

beauty, chin, cheek, girl, shoulder, This is another common gender bender character idea I have seen. I don’t blame people. What isn’t to love about Sherlock Holmes? Make sure you have a pipe and a trench coat, maybe in a plaid pattern. You could pick up a magnifying glass as well, to tie together the look.


Harry Potter

eyewear, glasses, vision care, black hair, cool, Harry Potter is another iconic character. It may feel weird changing the gender of this character, but Halloween is about being whatever you want to be! So, if you want to be a female Harry Potter, then you go out and get that cloak and wand. Then break out some makeup to create that scar on your forehead.

Do you know what you will be now for Halloween? Or maybe have ideas of what not to be? Halloween can be so much fun. So, dress up, go out, and have a great time!

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