7 Gadgets for Self Defense ...


7 Gadgets for Self Defense ...
7 Gadgets for Self Defense ...

Self-defense is incredibly important because staying safe should be everyone’s number one priority. If you have the opportunity, a self-defense class would be great, especially as the days are getting shorter and people crazier. If not, below are a few gadgets you might want to consider getting as a means of self-protection. Let's all hope you’ll never have to use it, but it’s nice to know it’s in your purse.

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Lipstick/Perfume Pepper Spray

Price: $6 at womenonguard.com

This pepper spray disguised as a lipstick or small bottle of perfume is great because you could easily take it out without raising suspicion. It’s great for walking alone to your car or walking home late at night as you could just hold it in your hands as you walk. The goal in self-defense is to run away safely - not directly face your assaulter. With this pepper spray, you will blind and choke your assaulter long enough for a safe getaway.


Pepper Foam

Price: $19.95 at yourbestselfdefenseproducts.com

Pepper foam is a more expensive alternative to pepper spray, but definitely worth the investment. Sometimes a large gust of wind might blow the pepper spray in your direction, but with the foam you’ll never have that problem. Plus, you can actually see the foam, making it easier for you to direct it at your assaulter in time for you to run away safely.


Cellphone Stun Gun

Price: $59.96 at womenonguard.com

Another disguised weapon, this cellphone stun gun is ideal for those that work late into the night or take the subway/train at night. You’re most likely going to fall asleep on the subway or train so holding a cellphone look alike in your hand could protect you without raising unwanted attention. Make sure to be extremely careful because a stun gun can deliver incredible voltages and do a lot of harm. Some opt for more serious things like  women's safety teasers. Make sure to be extremely careful because this women's safety taser can deliver incredible voltages and do a lot of harm.


Pen Knife

Price: $5.00 at eaprotection.com

This is an iconic gadget for self-defense. Looks like a regular pen, pull it out and it’s a full on weapon. Again, great for taking out ahead of time without crazy glares or unwanted attention. Again, be careful with this one so you don’t accidentally hurt yourself.


Comb Knife

Price: $10.00 at security-wizard.net

Similar to the pen knife, the comb knife offers a larger/wider hidden knife. Make sure you know which is the disguised comb and your real comb- that’s not a mistake you want to make. Again, remember to only use it if necessary and try to run away from a direct confrontation.


Cat Keychain

Price: $6.00 at shop.pandoraonthehill.com

This kitty keychain may look like a cute addition to your keys, but in fact, it’s a heinous weapon. Put your index and middle fingers in the eyes of the plastic cat and use its ears as a stabbing tool. This is great for walking alone in a dark parking lot - simply have your killer kitty ready as you walk toward your car.


Personal Alarm

Price: $19.95 at womenonguard.com

Sometimes when you are in grave danger, what you really need is a way for others to know you need help. In the event that your mouth is covered or you think you might be in more danger if you scream, use a personal alarm. It will create a shrieking sound loud enough for all your immediate neighbors to hear - hopefully they’ll come to your rescue.

At the end of the day, these self-defense gadgets are things you should carry in your bag but hope you’ll never have to use. In the event of an emergency, try to run away safely and quickly, as a confrontation will put you at a great disadvantage. What other gadgets do you carry around? Share in the comments section, and be safe ladies!

Top Image Source: fashionising.com

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We have stun gun for women/ lady safety with 1000v shock gun permitted by police.

These are so cool. I'd feel like Batman or something holding these. ..Not that I'd go and do vigilantism..

You should NEVER have a knife on you. Chances are that your attacker might use your weapon against you, and even a small knife can cause a LOT of harm. There are much better options, such as the kitty-keyring or just your car-keys. Also a regular pen is a good option.

So gonna by one :)

Wow these are so awesome >:D I probably don't need one...but it'll make me feel like a secret spy or something xD

I used almost all gadget mention above this article and really these all are very useful. recently i purchase another cool Security Gadgets For Self Defense form Gotcha Cap its really awesome.

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