7 Gadgets for Self Defense ...

Self-defense is incredibly important because staying safe should be everyone’s number one priority. If you have the opportunity, a self-defense class would be great, especially as the days are getting shorter and people crazier. If not, below are a few gadgets you might want to consider getting as a means of self-protection. Let's all hope you’ll never have to use it, but it’s nice to know it’s in your purse.

1. Lipstick/Perfume Pepper Spray

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Price: $6 at womenonguard.com

This pepper spray disguised as a lipstick or small bottle of perfume is great because you could easily take it out without raising suspicion. It’s great for walking alone to your car or walking home late at night as you could just hold it in your hands as you walk. The goal in self-defense is to run away safely - not directly face your assaulter. With this pepper spray, you will blind and choke your assaulter long enough for a safe getaway.

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