7 Fabulous and Colorful Art Prints to Brighten Your Walls ...


7 Fabulous and Colorful Art Prints to Brighten Your Walls ...
7 Fabulous and Colorful Art Prints to Brighten Your Walls ...

Colorful art prints are a great way to brighten up your living space. Not only will they add pizzazz to your walls, they will also make a great conversation piece. Art prints are a great and affordable way to showcase your personal style without spending fortune. Liven up your home with these 7 colorful art prints!

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Sugar Water by Joshua Petker

Sugar Water by Joshua Petker If you love colorful art prints as much as I do, then you will fall in love with Joshua Petker. Many of his paintings feature women (although some of his newer work does not) on a backsplash of bright colors. While his art appears bright and cheerful, some of his paintings have a subtle dark side too. You can buy prints of his art at posterchildprints.com.


The Backpack by Alex Pardee

The Backpack by Alex Pardee Alex Pardee is one of my favorite artists because his work is truly original. Many of his works, like this one, feature creatures he's created in his own mind. Since the subject is so abstract, the meaning of the painting can change from person to person. Pardee has many great works, but The Backpack is one of his classics! What's great is you can get an 8x10 autographed print for your walls for just $15. You can check his prints at zerofriends.com.


Loss by Agnes Cecile

Loss by Agnes Cecile Agnes Cecile uses simple images in her art and then adds intense color and detail. Her work, especially Loss, is great at portraying raw, human emotions. This bright and colorful print will definitely demand attention and be a great conversation starter. You can order her prints, including Loss, at eyesonwalls.com.


Neo New York by Camilla D'Errico

Neo New York by Camilla D'Errico I love the cool tones Camilla D'Errico uses in her work Neo New York. This colorful print features people on the streets of New York in the middle of a rainstorm. There is an overall sad, yet hopeful appeal to this fine art print. You can order your own print of Neo New York as well as other Camilia D'Errico creations at eyesonwalls.com.


Sunflowers in Vase by Pixie Glore

Sunflowers in Vase by Pixie Glore Pixie Glore specializes in bright colors. What I love most about Sunflowers in Vase is the rich texture that accompanies the loud colors. This painting is reminiscent of a sunrise peering in through your window while you are enjoying your morning cup of coffee. This print evokes a feeling of warmth and happiness. This print will not only brighten up your walls, but your day as well! You can get this print at artrising.com.


Horseman No. 3 by Carnovsky

Horseman No. 3 by Carnovsky Carnovsky did a series of horsemen for a collection for Jaguarshoes Collective. I love the bright colors and the way it looks like he stamped images over other images. This is truly a unique design! You can order your very own Horseman No. 3 (or perhaps collect all 4 in the series) by ordering a signed print from oldshoreditch.com.


Beautiful Disaster by Cyrcle

Beautiful Disaster by Cyrcle Cyrcle is a group of artists that started the "Cut It Out" Campaign. They use a contrast of weapons and bright prints to convey their message about violence. If you recognize this particular piece, it's because they painted it as a mural on the famous Roxy Theater in LA. Poster Child Prints has the exclusive artist print for sale on their website now. You can get this iconic print for under $100 at posterchildprints.com.

These bright and colorful art prints are sure to make a statement in your home. While I love all kinds of art, there is something about the bright colors that really seem to make your place pop! Which of these art prints were your favorites? Do you have a favorite artist who specializes in colorful paintings?

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I LUV lost

I'm surprised that I didn't really think any were worth buying :/

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3,4 and 5 or alright but I'm not to big on the others


4 and 5 are very good That's interesting

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