7 Common Daydreams We've All Had when Bored ...


7 Common Daydreams We've All Had when Bored ...
7 Common Daydreams We've All Had when Bored ...

There are common daydreams we all have. When you’re bored, it’s normal for your mind to start wandering.You might always revert to the same daydream, or you might have new ones each time. Either way, there are common daydreams that we all occasionally have.

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Interview Questions

How does it feel to be admired by millions? Was your childhood as exciting as your life is now? Everyone has imagined they were a celebrity at one time or another. Interviewing yourself can pass the time and make you feel more important than your everyday life makes you feel. One of the common daydreams involves asking yourself questions as if you were a talk show host.


Cooking Show

Here’s another daydream that has to do with television. When you’re cooking, you can get lost in the activity. You pretend to talk to an audience and tell them your secret recipe. It makes you feel like you’re a fantastic chef and that anyone would love to get a taste of your creation. Watch out, Rachael Ray.


Real Relationship

Even if you don’t dream about walking down the aisle, you dream of meeting your perfect guy. Maybe you think about traveling the world with him. Maybe you think about waking up in bed next to him and snuggling as you fall asleep. Whatever the scenario is, you dream about how great life could and will be one day. As soon as you meet your soul mate, those dreams will become reality.


Sweet Success

Whether you aim to become a doctor or want to take a trip to London, you daydream about achieving your goal. When you want something really badly, it’s difficult to get it off your mind. Instead of thinking of all of the things that could go wrong, why not daydream about everything falling exactly into place? Imagine how fulfilling it would be to get what you’ve always wanted. Thinking about the possibility will cheer you up and give you hope for your future.


Dangerous Disaster

Daydreams aren’t always positive. Sometimes our minds wander to dark places that we wish we could escape. We think about all of the terrifying things that we hope will never occur. You might be worried about getting attacked or getting cheated on. You might be worried that a family member will get sick or hurt. It’s normal to think about the bad things that could happen, but you have to try to push the thoughts away.


Soulful Singer

How many times have you sung along to your favorite song while pretending that you’re on a stage? You imagine the crowd cheering. You picture your favorite band member standing right beside you. Everyone loves music, so it’s normal to wish it were a bigger part of your life. Singing in front of a crowd can be scary, but in your daydreams you have nothing to worry about, because you’ll rock the song.


Uncontrolled Anger

When you’re angry at someone, you daydream about all of the things you could do and say to them. How would they react? Would it be worth it? You know you wouldn’t actually say anything mean to them, but it can be satisfying to think about. Sometimes you need to consider the possibilities you have, even if you won’t follow through with them.

Don’t feel bad about any of your daydreams. It can be nice to escape reality and live in your own thoughts for a while. What other daydreams do you always find yourself having?

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7/7 so accurate

So true!!

Reading to me is the Best because i honestly block out what's around me, and feel refreshed after!

all these daydreams define me .. leaving no 2 coz i dont knw cooking :-o

I'm glad I'm not the only one!!

You are nice girl

All of these except no. 2 are true for me

Had one of those angry day dreams today!

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