7 Most Horrifying Strange Addictions That Will Make You Cringe ...

By Vladlena

I recently stumbled upon a show by the name of My Strange Addictions, which documents the everyday life of peculiar people with irrational dependencies. At first I was very interested and fascinated by the concept but that fascination quickly turned into horror! It’s really scary to think of all the things that these people put themselves through, it’s inhumane and to put it nicely, abnormal. So in case you were in the dark about these strange addictions, here are some of the most outrageous addictions that will shock you.

1 Eating Glass

Ever looked at glass and wanted to take a bite out of it? No, me neither but one of the participants on the show, Josh, likes to consume glass 5 times a week. His glass intake accumulates to more than 250 light bulbs and 100 glasses! Fortunately, Josh dramatically cut back on his addiction, consuming glass no more than ten times in the last couple of months after the show aired. Josh stated that after the episode went live, many people reached out to him saying that his story has radically helped them with their strange addictions.

2 Drinking Nail Polish

Another addiction that you probably didn’t see coming is drinking nail polish! Bertha from My Strange Addiction is severely dependent on nail polish shots. She almost sips it like water and even licks it off the brush. I can only imagine what this can do to her body! Nail polish often has damaging effects on our nails just by application but ingestion of those harmful chemicals that don’t belong in her body, can result in a much greater misfortune.

3 Eating Husband’s Ashes

One of the people on the show, Casie had to go through the pain of losing her husband. The tragic situation took a toll on her, making it impossible to move on. After his death, the only thing that could replace him was his cremains. Casie often enjoys spending time watching television with the cremains by her side but instead of grabbing popcorn, she eats the ashes of her husband! Now, don’t think too much about this because it can get really graphic.

4 Eating Rocks

While some people prefer something like pasta or soup as their favorite meal, Teresa has other tastes in food. She has been eating rocks every day for the past 20 years. What first attracted her toward them was their earthly smell and slowly over time, her taste buds began craving what she smelled. Just thinking about chewing on rocks gives me a toothache! It is no surprise that as a result Teresa now has broken teeth and digestive problems!

5 Licking Cats

Love for pets is often very strong, after all who can resist their cuteness and constant loyalty? However some of us take those feelings of affection to a whole another level. For example 43 year old, Lisa likes to eat her cat’s hair and groom her fur with her tongue. She believes that its texture is relaxing and the whole process is bonding. Her obsession first began when she wanted to feel closer to her pets and 15 years later, she can’t go on longer than 2 hours without having the hairy snack.

6 Bee Stings

While some of us avoid bee stings as if our life depends on it, other people like Margaret actually purposely sting themselves. Her addiction to bee stings started out innocently as a way to relieve her pain from arthritis. However, one sting after another, her addiction escalated. Now she stings herself as much as 15 times a day religiously!

7 Adult Baby

Don’t we all just miss our childhood days, when your biggest dilemma was which toy to play with next? Well Riley is one of us! The idea of being a baby is so comforting to her that she spends 12 hours of the day dressed as a baby. Her addiction began at 13 years old when she first started wearing diapers and gradually she became fascinated with pacifiers, onesies, pigtails and toys. Now she spends most of her time lying in an adult-sized crib, coloring and playing.

As if there weren’t enough of abnormal things in this world, there are actually many addictions that we are not aware of. Some are more horrifying than others but all of them are equally unusual. Which of the strange addictions did you find the most fascinating?

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