7 Greatest Pranks You'll Get a Laugh out of ...


7 Greatest Pranks You'll Get a Laugh out of ...
7 Greatest Pranks You'll Get a Laugh out of ...

Some of the greatest pranks and practical jokes are the best forms of entertainment. Most of the time they are harmless but yet they still manage to put a smile on our faces. Although some people may suffer from falsely incited emotions, most of the time pranks are a good way to lift everyone’s mood. Here are 7 of the greatest pranks that are sure to spring up a grin.

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Do you believe in supernatural abilities? Even if you do, you would probably have a hard time believing it once you actually saw it happening. During this well thought-out prank, a whole production team hired actors and stunt men in order to carry out one of the greatest pranks of all time. The whole scenario was set up in a coffee shop in which a woman spirals out of control and is not able to have a firm grasp on her ‘telekinesis’ abilities.


Drive through

Some pranks don’t require an expensive production; all it needs is a clever idea and a few practical materials. For example in this public prank, a man made a costume that enabled him to be completely disguised as a car seat. He then went into local drive-throughs making it seem as if nobody was driving the car. Just take a look at these priceless reactions yourself!


Grand Central

Logically we all know that it is impossible to freeze time, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make it seem real. In this episode, a prank collective called Improv Everywhere gathered over 200 participants with a mission to freeze in place in the exact same moment. With a lot of planning, they were able to carry out their prank and cause a lot of confusion!


Proposal Rejection

This Proposal Rejection prank is not only one of the most hilarious pranks I have ever seen but also very popular. Public proposals are always sweet and romantic especially when they are carefully planned, but what happens if the woman doesn’t accept? Take a look at the reactions of the observers!


Photo Prank

Taking pictures of strangers has never been more awkward than this! In this public prank, two individuals ask strangers to take a picture of them with the background but just as they are about to take it, they rip their cloths off! This leaves the strangers in shock with confused expressions that are more than enjoyable to watch.


Elevator Prank

Although this prank was set in Brazil and the video was made in another language, there is no actual need to understand the dialogue because the body language and facial expressions of the participants say it all. This is one of the most horrifying pranks that seem to be a little harsh on the participants but it’s one of the most entertaining videos I have ever seen!


Three Story Fall Prank

Once again this prank consists of putting people in unimaginable situations. The participants believe that they are auditioning to become a TV host but little do they know that while they are in the process, a man is about to fall down three stories. Take a look at their response to seeing the person unharmed!

The perks of the World Wide Web is that we have the ability to entertain ourselves in the environment of our home. Some of these online pranks have become so successful that they went viral. Which of the pranks did you enjoy the most? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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