7 Predictions That Might Come True ...


7 Predictions That Might Come True ...
7 Predictions That Might Come True ...

Ever thought about those crazy, sci-fi predictions that might come true? Well, I have… A lot! And I’ve researched it even better only to come to a very shocking discovery – it’s already happening! New robots are being developed as we speak and the same can be said for innovative sci-fi machines like flying cars, tiny, extremely powerful microchips, invisibility cloaks and time-travel machines. Don’t believe me? Well, take a look at these 7 predictions that might come true and find out exactly what’s being done in order to make them a reality:

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Brain Microchip

Microchips are everywhere these days- in your ID, passport, even your pets so it won’t be long until the scientists figure out the way to implant on in your brain and enable you to upload your most precious memories onto an external hard drive for safekeeping. Interesting, huh? Not likely! A chip like this could turn into a dangerous mind-controlling device enabling both military and terrorists to “use” you without your consent!


Robo-friends, Robo-enemies and Robo-lovers

We’re watching them on the big screen thinking, “Gosh, what would the world be like if all this came true?” and, while we’re busy fantasizing, the Japanese are already making it happen! Yup, a robot got so technologically advanced that it actually got to star in a TV show! Semi-robotic adult-play dolls are being sold as we speak and I have a feeling both you and I might even live to see robots thinking, acting and maybe even feeling like humans. But, since there’s always an empty pair of evil hands waiting for something new to play with, we simply can’t ignore the possibility of being terrorized by nothing or nobody other than those same robots! Whoa! I bet you didn’t see that coming!


Invisibility Cloak

Speaking about strange predictions that might come true – remember that Potter boy’s invisibility cloak? Well, you never know… In some years, we might even be able to go shopping for it at H&M! This interesting gadget is being developed as we speak and although it’s still far from being able to disguise a human-sized 3D object, it is definitely worthy of mentioning.


Next End of the World

The fact that the scary December 2012 is still a whole year and a couple of months away didn’t stop the doomsday enthusiasts in their rush to predict the next tragedy. Funny? Yes! Quite funny, indeed! But, until proven false I simply must treat this theory as one of those predictions that might come true. This brand new doomsday scenario also involves a big scorching boom but, this time, it won’t have anything to do with the solar flares or pole shifts but with an unstable unnamed star that’s about to emit a super huge gamma ray and fry us all like chicken wings. Mmmmm…. Chicken wings…


Travelling through Time

The ultimate dream of time travelling might soon become a reality although it won’t be as fun or dynamic as you’d expect it to be. MIT it working on a little thing called quantum machine that will be able to move objects and people in the past thus completely changing their future. In theory, of course, but only for the time being…


Flying Cars

The Fifth Element-like world with flying cars and stuff doesn’t fall into the category of predictions that might come true, it’s a reality! A really expensive one though but, next time you find yourself in the middle of the worst traffic jam in history, those £130.000 will probably seem like pocket change. The real flying car might not be as fancy as the ones shown in movies but it can be flown, driven and parked in a standard garage. Neat, huh?


Destructive Laser Beams

Deathly laser beams are everything but a distant future! It’s obviously not brand new either, because if it was, I guess Pentagon wouldn’t want the world to know about it, yet along leak the actual video showing what it can do!

You see! I told you there are some predictions that might come true! But, tell me, which one of these sounds the most interesting to you?

Top Photo Credit: AntaresRoute66

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