8 Most Bizarre Body Implants ...


8 Most Bizarre Body Implants ...
8 Most Bizarre Body Implants ...

We have accepted tattooing and are warming up to piercing. I have something for you that goes beyond these superficial modifications. I’m talking sub-dermal. Read on to see if these bizarre body implants get under your skin.

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“I Love My New Boobs,” He Said

Lane Jensen is the editor of a body art and tattooing magazine and also apparently the only one to have boobs on his shin. You see, he already had a tattoo of a buxom lady but it was incapable to bring out the essence of all buxom. So Lane decided to have silicone implanted to make the etching stand out in all the right places. That’s one hell of a boob lover.


The Human Jigsaw

Australian performance artist Stelarc lives by the principle that the human body is obsolete. Earlier his kept himself busy by hanging himself on a flesh hook suspension or allowed bored internet surfers to control his muscle movements by attaching electrodes to his body and the Internet. When that bored him, he disconnected himself and now his field of interest is human body modification. Project A is having a lab-grown ear implanted on his forearm. For goodness sake!


For the Love of Pokemon

Alex Finch has been a fan of the Pokémon videogame and since he was knee high. He has six Poké Ball tattoos in reference to the number of Poké Balls which can be carried in the original videogames and to complete the look he has acquired Pokémon balls subdermal implants. That is one long, serious, ghastly love affair and one really bizarre body implant!


Oh! to Be Magnetically Attracted…

We humans have just five senses. They are not enough. Let’s develop the magnetic senses within us. It’s easy; just get a magnet implanted in a finger. Apparently, this gives the "implantee" a new sense of being able to "feel" electromagnetic fields. According to an expert, the magnet works by moving very slightly, or with a noticeable oscillation, in response to EM fields. Now that is really sensitive.


Bagels for a Head

Bagels are a delicious breakfast treat and some like them so much they are being replicated by subdermal implants. The implants are made from saline injected under the skins or saline injected into bags and placed under skin wherever desired. They can be in various sizes and there can be multiple “bagels” on a person. After reading about these bizarre body implants, I am not sure I am going to eat bagels anytime soon.


Whose Arm is That?

I like octopuses but I turn around with my hand over my mouth when I see an octopus arm on a man. A man from Sao Paolo, Brazil has had implants put under his skin to resemble the suction cups of the sea creature. So what’s next is he going lose his arms and get more tentacles?


Jewelery Implants

These implants are exactly what they sound like. A piece of jewelry is inserted under your skin. The skin heals around it and holds it in place rather firmly; you can move them around just as much as you can move your skin. It can look cool, I admit. I am just not sure about the sheer waste of fine jewelery.



Argentinean model La Negra is a leader in the field of body modification to show that it can be sexy and appealing. She flaunts tattoos, scarification, branding and a split tongue and it all started with a single tattoo at the age of 14. Her acquisition is a cute pair of horns, more like horn buds on a calf. Yeah I said “Cute”.

Those are some really bizarre body implants! What can I say, the human body is really a symbol of endurance. Kind of makes you agree with Mr. Stelarc, doesn’t it?

Top image source: funniest-place.com

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